Sunday, June 19, 2016

List 19/30- Things about my Town

50 Things About My Town

1. Almost everyone knows everyone, literally. It's a small, small town!

2. We just got 911 addresses a few years ago. Yes we are behind times

3. We have lots of dirt roads

4. We have two grocery stores in the whole town. One is a Save a Lot and the other is an IGA

5. Miss Ida's Tea Room is our fanciest sit down restaurant and it's not really all that fancy

6. Our house school is located inside an Old Middle School due to road work damaging the old High School. It's a hot mess

7 Everything is political, it's who you know

8. Our closest Walmart is 30 minutes away

9. We have two Dollar Stores which is where most of us buy the necessities

10. A new High School is being built or so they say. I'm sure it will be many years from now

11. There is a LOT of churches and I mean a LOT

12. Most everyone is Baptist and a lot are Old School Baptist

13. We have no hospital but do have an After Hours Clinic for now. I hear it's closing soon

14. Most people go 4-Wheeling or Fishing on the weekends. It's just the thing to do

15. We have a super nice movie theater

16. We also have a wonderful Community Center that hosts a ton of events

17. Our county went broke when the coal mines started going under. We relied on the coal severance tax

18. Our new sheriff is doing a great job. I can't say that about the last 3 or more though

19. Most people own at least some land. Land is important here

20. Our sporting events still open with prayer and I'm so thankful

21. Everything here is done at a slower pace than most places

22. If you've ever watched Andy Griffith, this place is kind of like Mayberry

23. The crime rate here is ridiculously low. Most days I don't even bother locking my doors

24. We do have a Maximum Security Federal Penitentiary located here

25. Very few jobs in this town pay more than minimum wage

26. The unemployment rate here is crazy high due to the mining industry falling apart

27. There is not a single daycare or childcare place in our entire town

28. People are still baptized in the creeks

30. Our community is very tight nit and we all come together when someone is in need

31. If your kids want to take any sort of classes (dance, choir, etc.), you might as well plan on driving the next town over

32. We have lots of vacant buildings because no one wants to invest here

33. One man owns most everything in the town

34. We have one motel, that's it!

35. Buy Here Pay Here car lots are very common and we have a lot of them

36. Our roads are in terrible shape and some roads are so narrow that kids walk out of them to catch the bus

37. We have only one Electric Company so we have no choice in the matter

38. If you visited and I had to recommend things for you to do, I'd come up with nothing

39. We do have two pretty great walking trails

40. Most people here garden including my parents

41. We have three pizza places which is crazy to me

42. We only have two pharmacies though

43. We have a huge prescription drug epidemic, it's so sad

44. We have only had one tornado in the whole history of the town

45. Our school mascot is a cardinal

46. We have an amazing football field...sports is big here

47. We do have a Community Pool and they did upgrade it this year

48. People always vote for the same people, it's a wicked cycle

49. It is not diverse here at all

50. Our closest mall is over an hour away

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  1. I loved hearing about your town. I really feel as if I know where you live now.