Friday, June 17, 2016

List 17/30

50 Things I Love About Summer

1. The Sunshine- it just makes me happy

2. Longer Days

3. Camping- One of our favorite things to do

4. Boating- We love the lake

5. Ice Cream- It's the only time of year I'll actually eat it

6. Going Barefoot

7. Long Weekends- Hubby reserves his personal days for long summer weekends

8. Grilling- I love grilled food

9. Vacation- Oh sweet vacation!!!

10. Mixed Drinks- Yummy!

11. Driving with the windows down

12. Eating outside

13. Cute sandals and flip flops

14. Bonfires with friends

15. Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

16. Fairs and Festivals

17. Swimming

18. Kids being able to play outdoors

19. Walking outside

20. Slushies

21. Riding on the Ridge at Night

22. Wading in the creeks and streams

23. My kids Birthday's

24. My Birthday

25. 4th of July Fireworks

26. Amusement Parks

27. Fishing

28. Wearing less clothes

29. Lots of fun summer community activities

30. No School

31. Making so many memories

32. Cookouts with family and friends

33. Nature and how gorgeous it is

34. Rainbows

35. Lightening Bugs

36. The sounds of the frogs

37. Park Days

38. Sleeping In

39. Staying up Late

40. Full Calanders

41. Upbeat Summer Music

42. Sleeping with the window air conditioner on and keeping my room ice cold

43. Outdoor Date Nights

44. Fruit- I love fruit in the Summer

45. Delicious summer salads

46. Gorgeous Sunrises and Sunsets

47. Sprinklers, Water Slides and all that other fun stuff

48. Waterparks

49. Beautiful Flowers

50. Smell of Freshly Cut Grass

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  1. Oh we are so alike. I could have written that list (minus the kids of course)!