Tuesday, June 14, 2016

List 14/30- Things I don't Like

1. Our County Officials- They are seriously running our County into the ground!

2. Obama- Sorry to offend anyone

3. Snakes- Those creepy little things scare me

4. Crying- I don't know why but it makes me feel so helpless when people cry

5. Putting away Laundry- I don't mind washing and drying it though

6. Animals in the house- Yes we have two and I hate it

7. Humidity- I don't mind heat but I don't like the humidity

8. Storms- One of my worst fears

9. Mornings- I'm just not a morning person

10. Dirty Ears- It's a pet peeve of mine

11. Cell Phones- Which is why I don't own one and wish the rest of my bunch didn't either

12. Scary Movies- Yea, not for me

13. Watermelon- Weird I know

14. Sports- I'm just totally not athletic and don't even enjoy watching it

15. Backstabbing People- Boy do I know a whole boatload too

16. Water as in drinking it- I try to like it but I really just don't

17. Bills- Ugh, they annoy me

18. Our Presidential Candidates- They neither one float my fancy

19. Staying Home- It depresses me

20. A cop being behind me- It makes me nervous even if I'm not doing anything

21. Losing Things- It drives me insane

22. Driving with my Husband in the Car- He kills me griping about how I drive

23. Chicken Livers- Okay I've never tried them but the name kills it for me

24. Our K-Mart Closing- I like it so much better than Walmart

25. PMS Symptoms- I tend to get a little insane

26. Actually getting in the Ocean- I love looking at it and walking the beach but I don't enjoy being in the water

27. Smoking- Worst habit I have and I hate it but apparently not enough to quit

28. Ants- They are taking over my house

29. Puzzles- I totally don't have the patience for them

30. Drama- I steer as far away as possible, it stresses me to the max. Why people like it is beyond me

31. Pumping Gas- I hate doing it and no idea why

32. The News- I try to avoid reading or watching it. I'd rather have my head stuck in the sand and not know all the terrible things going on

33. Racism- We are all humans- end of story!!!!

34. Hard Decisions- I never trust my own judgement

35. Guns- They scare me

36. My Teeth- Which is why I rarely smile

37. Painting- Seriously worst chore ever

38. Washing my Truck- Which is why I don't do it

39. Iron Skillets- They are way too much work

40. Watching Axle on his Go-Kart- This mom's nerves can't handle it

41. Winter- I seriously despise it. It depresses me to no end

42. Bad Drivers- I admit I got a little road rage

43. Our Middle and High School- They are pretty much a joke

44. The lack of things to do around here- One drawback to small town living

45. Arrogant and Controlling Men- I'm so thankful for my husband

46. Shaving my legs- I do it but I don't like it

47. My hair texture- It's so coarse

48. Being Rushed- Although I usually am

49. Silence- My husband is notorious for the silent treatment

50. Hollister- It's dark and loud, I can't shop like that

Tomorrow's List:
50 Things I have Learned

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