Monday, June 13, 2016

List 13/30- All About Anika

1. She is almost 18 years old- how did that happen?

2. She will be a Senior in High School this year

3. She wants to Major in Journalism

4. She has naturally dark hair but goes back in forth between dark and blonde

5. She wears a LOT of makeup and has a huge collection of it

6. Victoria Secret is her favorite place

7. She's very blunt and sometimes people think she's being rude

8. She has struggled with anxiety and depression for several years now

9. She still doesn't have her permit, she won't try

10. She is active in Church and Youth Group

11. She has been Saved and Baptized

12. She loves High Heels

13. She keeps fake nails on

14. She also wears fake eyelashes

15. She has watched The Hunger Games a million times

16. Her best friends are Mercades and Elizabeth

17. She plays sides when it comes to me and mom

18. She drinks a ton of Lemonade

19. Her favorite foods are Pizza, Taco Salads and Mexican

20. She hasn't really ever caused me any issues

21. She's took 2 years of Culinary and is a great baker

22. She wants a big truck to drive

23. She's had the same Build A Bear for many years now, it's name is Alisha

24. She has a room full of stuffed animals

25. She loves to read

26. She had two sets of braces and now has perfect teeth

27. She watches a lot of television- mostly Game Show Network, Lifetime and Food Network

28. She is single

29. She has lots of school spirit

30. She refuses to tan

31. She loves being different and standing out

32. She is a music nut and knows the words to most every song

33. She is super organized and her room is always clean

34. She has a million clothes

35. She baths at least twice a day and shaves her legs everyday

36. She has an obsession with perfect eyebrows

37. She relates more to older adults than teens her age

38. She stays on her phone all the time..drives me nuts!!!

39. She always looks for my approval and is way to hard on herself

40. She loves kids

41. She has her nan wrapped around her little finger and her papa too

42. She likes going to the movies

43. She is so helpful around the house and will watch the kids anytime I need her to

44. She is usually the center of attention

45. She loves her family- extended included

46. She is definitely a papa's girl

47. She rarely cries

48. She has a dog named Willow and loves her more than anything

49. She's super smart but still don't know her multiplication tables

50. She is always trying to help people

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