Wednesday, June 1, 2016

List 1/30 Summer Bucket List!

For the month of June I've decided to challenge myself to make a list everyday for all thirty days! Each list will consist of 50 items. For List Number 1 I have chosen to make a Summer Bucket List.

1. Go Skinny Dipping
2. Swim at Night
3. Take my kids to Natural Bridge
4. See an Outdoor Movie
5. Have Icee's
6. Make some new campfire recipes
7. Make a red/white/blue dessert on the 4th of July
8. Kyyak, Canoe or Paddleboard
9. Visit a Splash Pad
10. Make giant bubbles
11. Visit a Waterpark
12. Watch Fireworks on the 4th
13. Tube down a river
14. Visit St. Louis
15. Visit Chicago
16. Visit Asheville
17. See a waterfall or several
18. Get Mother/Daughter Tattoos with Anika
19. Play on a Slip and Slide
20. Drink lots of new mixed drinks
21. Try out a few new campgrounds
22. Go Fishing
23. Visit a Farmer's Market and cook what I buy
24. Go to the KY State Fair
25. Have a YES day
26. Play with water balloons, sprinklers, water guns, etc
27. Ride horses
28. Hang out with my Mom
29. Make a new salad
30. Eat outdoors as often as possible
31. Ride Go Karts
32. Camp in our Yard
33. Build a Fort
34. Embrace outdoor date nights
35. Have sex outdoors
36. Play in creeks, streams, etc
37. Take a ton of photos
38. Walk as often as possible
39. Ride a ferris wheel, zip line or skylift
40. Enjoy a bonfire and some brews
41. Get tipsy or absolutely drunk
42. Catch fireflies
43. Visit a new park or a few
44. Celebrate holidays, birthdays, etc
45. Sleep under the stars without shelter
46. Go fishing with my daddy
47. Eat at a few new places
48. Get dirty- muddy or some kind of messy
49. Play in the rain
50.  Take some beautiful sunset photos

There you have it! Will I complete it all, probably not and that is okay. It's something to work towards.

Tomorrow's List- 50 Places I Want to Visit!!!!

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