Monday, June 13, 2016

List 12/30- All About Axle

1. He is almost 6 years old

2. He will be repeating Kindergarten again this year

3. He is so skinny but the doctor's say he's healthy

4. He is by far my pickiest eater

5. His favorite foods are Corn on the Cob, Breadsticks and Spaghetti

6. He has a very weak stomach and everything makes him sick

7. He's scared of the dark and storms along with many other things

8. He loves to watch Wrestling on TV

9. He wants to be a racecar driver when he gets older

10. He talks a lot and asks a million questions

11. His legs stay bruised

12. He's very accident prone

13. He's got a scar over his eye from a golf cart accident he was in

14. He loves chocolate milk

15. He thinks riding Go Karts is the best and he even has one

16. He either sleeps with his Sissy or Me every single night

17. I refer to him as "The Bad Word Police"

18. He is dark complected like me

19. He has dark brown eyes

20. He is a mixture of Me, My Husband and My Daddy

21. He plays basketball for the school

22. He hates doing homework

23. He watches out for his little sister and let's me know when she's in to something

24. He's super good with babies

25. He has some sensory issues but is overcoming them

26. He loves to ride on a Jet Ski

27. He pretends to fight stuff all the time

28. He likes to pray

29. He won't wear pants with buttons or zippers

30. He is scared to death of doctor's

31. He snacks all day long but doesn't eat well

33. He loves Dr. Pepper and Gatorade

34. He is very active all the time

35. He loves staying with his nan and pa and will stay 2 or 3 days at a time

36. He loves camping and fishing

37. He wants his papa to take him hunting

38. He tries to be a big helper, it's adorable

39. He gets very angry and it's hard to calm him down

40. He thinks the sun rises and sets on his daddy

41. He hates getting his hair washed

42. He is the most impatient child ever

43. His vision is extremely bad

44. He would stay on Youtube forever if you would let him

45. He watches television some but doesn't have any real favorite shows

46.  He's a total Avengers  Fan and thinks Hulk is the coolest

47. He talks about God a lot

48. He spends a ton of time outdoors

49. He truly is all boy

50. He won't let anyone take him for a haircut except his papa

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