Monday, June 13, 2016

List 11/30- All about Annalee

1. She is my youngest child- 3 years old

2. Her birthday is 5 days after mine and 3 days before her brothers

3. She has the cutest freckles on her face and we call them her angel kisses

4. She only weighed 5 pound even when  she was born. She was so tiny

5. She is my only child with blue eyes

6. She will eat pretty much anything, she's really not picky at all

7. She loves fruit, especially strawberries

8. She loves to sing and it drives her brother insane

9. She already knows most of her alphabet

10. She hates shoes and I have a horrible time finding something she will agree to wear

11. Her best friend is Sophia and they fight like cats and dogs

12. She hates having her hair brushed

13. She hates wind in her face and cries over it

14. She has a severe speech problem. She stutters something terrible

15. She was named after my Aunt Leanna

16. I was pregnant with her when my grandma passed away but didn't know it

17. She's my cuddle buddy. She loves being petted on

18. She's loud, very loud. I laugh because she has a man voice

19. She's not graceful at all. She's like a bull in a china shop

20. She is ridiculously sneaky

21. She LOVES water and swimming. She's not one bit afraid

22. Painting is her all time favorite activity

23. She is very whiny at times and it drives me batty

24. She's very shy in public and very clingy

25. She says I love you ten and it's so sweet

26. She loves her sissy and bubby with all her heart

27. She won't stay away from home except for with my Mommy and even then she don't like it

28. She loves dancing

29. She loves looking pretty and twirls when she wears dresses

30. She loves makeup and stays in trouble all the time because she won't stay out of it

31. She loves having her fingernails and toenails painted

32. She loves animals, especially cats and horses

33. She's very brave and not scared of much of anything

34. Every time we do something fun she asks if we can do it again someday

35. She is extremely ticklish everywhere

36. She was in the NICU for only a few hours after she was born

37. She had jaundice when she was born

38. She watches cartoons a lot- her favorite is Mickey Mouse, Doc McStuffins and Goldie and the Bear

39. She is super lazy

40. She cries if you get onto her for somthing

41. She loves to swing and would do it for hours

42. She draws on everything and I mean everything

43. She goes to Headstart and does pretty well

44. She is constantly drinking something

45. She knows how to count to 10

46. She knows all of her colors

47. She has the cutest laugh ever when she gets tickled

48. She sleeps by herself most every single night

49. She has such a sweet heart when it comes to her brother

50. She is a mixture of both my grandma's. I see both of them in her

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  1. How sweet to do this list on Lee. I hope you do one on each of your other kids too.