Friday, June 10, 2016

List 10/30- 50 Things I Neeed to Do

Things I Need To Do

1. Pay pool deposit for Axle's Birthday Party- Sooner than later!

2. Finish cleaning out my bedroom- some progress made but still things to be done

3. Clean out the fridge and replace the light

4. Clean out my truck- it's gross

5. Cancel TN reservations now that we have decided on a road trip instead

6. Dye my hair, it's in desperate need. I need to trim it too while I'm at it

7. Set off a bug bomb in our house. We grow big old bugs in KY so we try and do it twice a year

8. Go to the Board of Education about Anika's permit- totally procrastinating on this one

9. Study my VBS Lessons and it needs to be done by Monday evening!!!!

10. Look on Pinterest for Youth Group ideas

11. Finish my State Road Trip Destination Possibilities- more on this later

12. Get Annalee's hair cut shorter. It's summer and she hates brushing it

13. Email my Aunt Millie to just check in

14. Go spend the day with my friend Christie

15. Donate our small cornhole set to the church. I've been meaning to do it forever now

16. Start planning the kids Birthday Parties

17. Decide on mommy a birthday gift

18. Figure out what I'm getting my dad and my hubby for Father's Day

19. Clean off my porch and clean up my yard

20. Call my doctor to see if he can call in a new medicine for me because my insurance isn't covering this one!!

21. Call our Auto Insurance and drop a vehicle off our policy

22. Get the dog's flea pills- the stupid rub on stuff just isn't working

23. Tear into Annalee's room and give it a GOOD Cleaning- this will be a big job

24. Buy myself some new makeup

25. Paint my nails and toes

26. Switch out couches- This should've already been done

27. Make Anika make a decision on if she's going with mom or us on vacation. I'm in no hurry but mom certainly is

28. Go Grocery Shopping for a week, not just a day

29. Put four new tires on my truck

30. Get an MRI or X-ray done of my neck. I've needed to have this done forever

31. Contact a lawyer about the building

32. Get myself back on a regular bedtime routine

33. Start looking at what our Disney trip will cost

34. Buy a Pedometer- I want to count my steps

35. Schedule appointments for kids to get them ready for back to school

36. Get some glasses that I can actually see out of although I don't know that will ever happen

37. Schedule myself a gynecologist appointment- it's been 3 years too long

38. Decide where I want to put my Mother/Daughter tattoo at on my body

39. Buy the kids new shoes that they will actually wear (almost impossible to find)

40. Buy SJ some new Tank Tops!!!!

41. Clean off my bar

42. Try out some new grilling recipes so I don't have to cook inside all summer long

43. Clean up my Facebook- too much clutter on it right now

44. Figure out where SJ and I are going for Labor Day Weekend- it's our alone time weekend

45. Clean under my furniture- couches, chairs, beds, etc.

46. Put away a TON of laundry and sort socks- This pretty much always needs done

47. Order kids school photos from this past year- still haven't done it

48. General organization- this place is never organized

49. Blow up Annalee's inflatable pool cause she is ready to swim

50. Get my eyebrows waxed!!!

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