Sunday, June 26, 2016

June 26th

Today I:

Overslept- For Church so we didn't get to go. Boo Me :(

Watched- The NYC Gay Pride Parade online. It was definitely colorful

Washed- All the laundry in the house except for maybe 1 or two loads. Definite laundry progress

Went- To Walmart for my Husband. He needed an Air Conditioner to put in the camper. We now have one almost completely installed thank goodness!

Packed- More things for vacation. I'm so excited, only 3 more days :)

Ate- Beef Jerky and a Bowl of Cereal. I just don't have an appetite today

Appreciated: Mom and Dad taking the kids to the pool. They had a blast

Found- A pool I'd like to get Annalee for her birthday. I just worry about the safety of having a pool

Needed- To clean off the front porch and send out invites to Lee's party but neither got done

Picked Up- A new playhouse for Lee that the Hubby got her. She was over the moon excited about it

Updated- My June Goals List. I'll be posting them soon

Saw- Where our local eye doctor passed away. He was a great man. My heart breaks for his wife and kids

Wished- I had air conditioning in my truck. It was so hot!

Felt- Great up until about an hour ago. My head has started hurting

Bought- A couple new solid color tops. Think I'm going to overhaul my wardrobe soon

Stopped- By the store and grabbed a few things. Am I the only one who hates going to the store?

Am  Sharing- The only couple of photos I managed to get. Hoping to get a new camera tomorrow!

The kids at the pool today

Loving her new playhouse

Hope everyone has a great week


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  1. No, Angie, you are NOT the only one who hates to go shopping. I'm a let's get in and out girl. Joe likes to linger and look at everything. Drives me crazy!

    I love the little playhouse Lee got. So adorable. She looks like a princess.

    Hope the rest of your week goes good!