Friday, June 24, 2016

Introducing My Parents 24/30

1. My Mom and Dad are still happily married after 40 some year- relationship goals!

2. My Mom retired a few years ago from the CAP office. She was a family service worker for the Headstart Progam

3. My Mom  has always worked! From pizza places, flower shops, radiology clinics, headstart teacher and a few more I'm sure I'm forgetting

4. My Mom is actively involved in Church. She leads the Youth Group Program and is over the Sunday school program as well.

5. My Mom is getting ready to have a Birthday tomorrow!!!!

6. My Mom has the prettiest natural red hair ever. She also has a red head temper

7. My Mom loves to walk and work in her flowers.

8. My Mom just learnt how to swim a few years ago

9. My Mom is completely Obsessive Compulsive and her house is always in immaculate condition

10. My Mom always helps me when I need her. She really is my best friend

11. My Mom got her Bachelor's Degree at 40 some years old. She is a very driven lady

12. My Mom looks very young and takes wonderful care of herself

13. My Mom is constantly doing and spending time with my kids. She's an awesome grandma

14. My mom is the oldest of 4 girls and they all turn to her for everything

15. Everyone in our family calls my mom Sissy

16. All of my kids friends call her Nan

17. My Mom is an amazing cook!!!! Nothing like dinner at Mom's

18. My Mom is scared of nothing that I know of other than mice. I think that is where I get it from

19. My Mom is a coffee drinker and loves her sweets

20. My Mom lost her parents (both) a few years ago and took care of them until the day they died

21. My Mom is a woman of a ton of Faith and I wish I could be more like her

22. My Mom loves to joke and have fun. She's really just a big kid at heart

23. My Mom has a beautiful voice and used to sing "Coat of Many Colors" to me when I was little

24. My Mom is very independent and doesn't like help from anyone

25. My Mom is always thinking of others and does her best to be there when anyone needs her

26. My Dad retired just a few months ago from the coal industry

27. My Dad is one of the hardest working people I know. He doesn't accept any handouts

28. My Dad's Dad died when he was just 19. I think from the stories I've been told, my dad is just like him

29. My Dad was recently ordained as a deacon in the Church

30. My Dad doesn't gossip or talk about anyone

31. My Dad loves to read and fish. He also loves to work in his garden

32. My Dad is very affectionate with his family. He makes sure we all know he loves us

33. My Dad has one brother and they are very close

34. My Dad is honest as the day is long. If he tells you something you can bank on it being the truth

35. My Dad was in a horrible motorcycle accident when he was younger and done major damage to his legs. To this day he still limps

36. My Dad is dark complected, has dark eyes and dark hair just like me

37. My Dad is super smart but never went to college

38. My Dad loves my kids but hates keeping them by himself. He says they make him nervous

39. My Dad collects signs to hang in his garage. It's his new found hobby

40. My Dad is a gardener and grows a ton of food every year

41. My Dad used to hunt a lot but hasn't in years because of his legs

42. My Dad is quiet and listens much more than he talks

43. My Dad's favorite cake is Pineapple Upside Down

44. My Dad's birthday is in December, close to Anika's

45. My Dad is the Sunday School teacher at Church for the adults

46. My Dad is my shoulder to cry on. I'm a Daddy's girl

47. My Dad is very patient. Sometimes I say he has the patience of Job!

48. My Dad rarely wears shorts because one of his legs is very small due to muscle loss from the accident

49. My Dad goes out of his way to help people. It's just who he is

50. My Dad is truly the poster child for a "Family Man". We are so blessed!

Tomorrow's  List:

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  1. Wow! Your parents sound amazing! You hit the jackpot with parents I think. Thank you for sharing them with us.