Thursday, June 16, 2016

Happy Almost Weekend

For Today 6/16/2016

Outside my Window- It's a gorgeous summer night. I love nights like this

I am Thinking- About how fast this summer is going by. I have so many things I want to do. At least it does stay warm here until October most of the time. Still I'm dreading winter already!

I am Thankful- For the opportunity to teach a VBS class this year. It's truly been a blessing. I just hope I said something that the kids will take away with them. Here's a few pics I took over the last four days. Sorry not more but I was busy teaching!

In my Kitchen- Nothing has happened today. We had Pizza Hut for lunch and Taco Bell for dinner!

I am Wearing-  Black Shorts and my VBS Shirt!

I am Creating- Possible Roadtrip Routes- We would choose a route till the morning we leave but all possible routes will go into a hat and we will draw one out. I created one yesterday and will work on more soon but I'll share this one with you.

Day 1: Leave out around 7 pm and drive towards Washington, DC. Stop at a campground
when we get tired and sleep for the night

Day 2- Have Breakfast and continue on into DC
Visit the Washington Monument
Ride Paddle Boats in the Tidal Basin
Visit the Smithsonian Zoo
Have lunch
Anything extra we have time for
Return to camp- fix dinner and sleep

Day 3- Drive 1 1/2 hours to Baltimore, MD
Visit the Inner Harbor
See the Historic Ships
Visit The Top of the World Observation Deck
Take a Sea Dog Cruise
Lunch in Baltimore
Anything else we have time for

Drive up to Ocean City and Find a Camping Spot- Camp for Night

Day 4- Ocean City- Beach

Day 5- Ocean City- Beach

Day 6- Drive to Hoboken, NJ and find a campsite- Rest

Day 7: Visit NYC
Central Park
Statue of Liberty
Time Square
911 Memorial
Toys R US

Return back to Hoboken and Camp for the night

Day 8- Full Drive day to Niagara Falls- Find Campsite- Camp

Day 9- See Niagara Falls
Do Maid of the Mist
Do Cave of the Winds
See the Aquarium

Camp in Niagara Falls area

Day 10
Return Home

I am Reading- Pretty much nothing these days!

I am Hoping- Anika tries for her permit next week. I think it would really boost her confidence

I am Wondering- How much it will cost to get our AC fixed. It's been tore up for two days and I can't handle it much longer

Around the House- I plan to clean Annalee's room up tomorrow, Clean up the yard and do some other light housework!

I am Excited- For my cousin's baptism on Sunday 

Plans for the rest of the week:  

Tomorrow- Cleaning and Pool Party
Saturday- Possibly Lake (not sure)
Sunday- Church and Daddy's

That's about it for tonight folks!!!

Happy Almost Weekend :)


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  1. If you take that trip you MUST stop for lunch in Philly so we can meet in person. That would be so much fun! If you ever get to Philly I would love to show you all the historic stuff. Your dinners sound like mine. So far this week we've done Chinese, Wendy's and Boston Market. Ha, ha! I am actually cooking tonight.