Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday Night Thoughts

For Today- Friday June 3, 2016

Outside my Window- Copper our dog is barking like a wild man! He barks at everything that moves

I am Thinking- Tomorrow will be a housekeeping day. I don't really want to do it but Sunday we are going to be busy so it needs to get done!!!

I am Thankful- For life and all the amazing things I've already experienced in my 36 years. Today Anika and I had some gal time and went kayaking. Not sure it's my thing but it was fun to try it.

In the Kitchen- We just had frozen pizza for dinner tonight. It was a busy day and so easy dinner it was.

I am Wearing- A brown short sleeved dress. It's so comfortable too!

I am Creating- A life I love and it's been hard but so rewarding. Living intentionally isn't as easy as it sounds but it is so worth it.

I am Going- To bed as soon as I finish this post. I'm tired tonight

I am Wondering- Why Sissy is keeping Strepth so much. I had her at the After Hours again today and her strepth test was positive. Of course her throat was covered in blisters so I kind of already knew it was going to be. Don't let this goofy photo at the doctors office fool you, she's felt like crud all week.

I am Reading- Online articles about living a more peaceful life :)

I am Hoping- That my kids continue to love Youth Group. It's took them a bit to adjust to it but they are really getting into the swing of things now. They had a great time tonight.

I am Looking Forward To- July 1st because it's Vacation Time for us!!!!

I am Hearing- Axle talking to me about his name. He's now obsessed with the fact that his first name is William. It's so cute

Around the House- LOTS needs done which is why tomorrow is a housekeeping day

I am Pondering- On an overnight trip somewhere, just me and the kids

I am Feeling- Content and it's such a great feeling

One of my Favorite Things Today- A Yummy Milkshake from Arby's...Orange Cream

Plans for the Rest of the Week:
Saturday- No Plans, just housework and errands
Sunday- Church for Dad's ordainment, VBS Meeting and Dinner to celebrate with Dad!!!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend friends

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