Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June 1st

A- All in all it's been a good day! Haven't done much really but have just felt better about life than I did yesterday.

B- Both kids have played really well together today considering we didn't have any plans. Only a few arguments surfaced!!

C- Cooked Fresh Peas, Porkchops, Southwest Ranch Pasta Salad and Texas Toast for dinner....yummy!!!

D- Didn't get much housework done today but did a little. That counts, right?

E- Excited for Sunday- my daddy is getting ordained as a deacon!

F- Found this awesome Summer Schedule on Pinterest. It's just what I've been looking for. I will critique it a bit and we will begin using it tomorrow.

G- Got a few things at the thrift store today for me and the girls! I found a few dresses and skirts thankfully because I needed a few new one's.

H- Hoping Anika feels better tomorrow. She's been in the bed sick all day today. Says her throat is killing her and feels like she's running a temp.

I- In love with gorgeous places like this. I need to travel the rest of my life

J- Judy Clark, a beautiful soul lost her battle to cancer. My mom is heartbroken. Her and Judy were co-workers for years. The world will sure miss her infectious smile.

K- Kids got food today from the Summer Feeding food bus. You would have thought they won the lottery. They acted like they had never saw food before

L- Loving Anika's new was the only thing she got out of bed for today.

M- May is gone and June is here. I didn't post my May Goals but I did okay on them. I am going to post my June goals for you though.

June Goals:
* Get up with my husband before work
* Date Night
* Trim and Dye my hair
* Take my kids somewhere overnight by myself
* Declutter my room
* Fix Lee's room up
* Visit with Christie
* Email Millie
* Attend VBS
* Go to dad's ordainment
* Get paper for Anika's permit
* Pay pool deposit
* Play with water balloons
* Go swimming with Mom
* Visit Natural Bridge
* Go to Beach area at lake
* Do a month of lists
* Do June Photo Books
* Have a Yes Day
* Eat Icee's

N- Needing to go water my flowers. No rain here today

O- Officially declared it Summer today. I consider June, July and August Summer! Let the fun begin

P- Planning to go to the lake tomorrow if Anika is better

Q- Quiet time this evening has been so nice. The kids have been outside with their daddy

R- Really wanted to make a vanilla pudding desert tonight. Bought everything today at the store to do it except cream cheese. SMH only me!!!

S- Seriously find so much peace in driving at night with the windows down. I know it's weird but it's so true!

T- Thankful for my family today. Every single one of them

U- Usually got the kids in bed by now. It's a late night for them but they are heading that way soon

V- VBS starts in 2 weeks and I can't wait

W- Wanting some strawberries and fruit dip. Think I'll have it for a late night snack

X- Expecting it to be another hot day tomorrow, just hoping the rain holds off

Y- Yawning, I'm getting tired

Z- Hope everyone has a good night's full of Zzz's

Until Tomorrow!

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