Tuesday, June 28, 2016

28/30- 50 Things I Wish I knew how to Do

1. Sew- At least a button on

2. Make gourmet food

3. Make gourmet desserts

4. Yoga

5. Drive a standard shift

6. Be a Morning Person

7. Crochet- Wish I had let granny teach me

8. Make cocktails

9. Make money travelling

10. Blog designs

11. Algebra, Geometry, Etc

12. Budget Money

13. Paint- Without making a huge mess

14. Paint my own nails

15. Braid hair

16. Canning

17. Gardening (food)

18. Gardening (flowers)

19. Make flower arrangements- Something I wish I had let my other grandma teach me

20. Sing well

22. Ride horses (on my own without a guide)

23. Make homemade biscuits

24. Make homemade gravy

25. Cook in a pressure cooker

26. Find a job I love that pays well

27. Meditate (I can't clear my mind)

28. Decorate my house

29. Be more organized

30. Take better photos

31. Be more confident

32. Surf

33. Stop Worrying so much

34. Have more Faith in God

35. Be more adventurous

36. Dress better

37. Walk in High Heels

38. Pay bills better

39. Get into a better bedtime routine

40. Stick with a housekeeping schedule

41. Iron and it actually look ironed

42. Dance without looking awkward

43. Pole Dance

44. Battle Depression Better

45. Listen More and Talk Less

46. Be a Better Friend

47. Be more Motivated

48. Give amazing massages

49. Enjoy Reading

50. Speak another language

Tomorrow's List:

50 Things I Find Relaxing


  1. Wow! Even though I can do a lot of the things you wish you could do, I'll bet you do a lot of things that I wish I could do. For instance, you walk a lot. I can't walk hardly a block because of the pain in my legs from my arthritis. You have kids which I always wanted but never had. And a lot of the things you want to do, you could learn. I admire you a lot, Angie. Your next list should be of things you can do.

  2. I can do some of these and some I just cannot. #44 is a hard one.