Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Last List 30/30

50 Thoughts For Today

1. It's Vacation Day and I am BEYOND excited. I can't wait till my Husband gets home so we can go

2. My son is worried to death I'm going to waste all the money before we leave. It's hilarious!

3. I can't believe I'll be turning 37 in a few days. I'll be 40 before you know it

4. I had a lady cut my grass this morning. She's one hard worker. I have no idea how women are so motivated.

5. I bought some donuts for breakfast this morning. It's going to be a busy day so donuts it is

6. I still need to pick up the Hubby's medicine for our trip. I should write that down like right now

7. Anika's killing me, she won't get her butt out of bed

8. I need a good hot shower but think I'll do everything else first today

9. I wonder if mommy wants to fix me dinner?

10. I'm so excited for Annalee and Axle's birthday parties. Planning will happen as soon as we get back

11. I can't believe summer is almost over for the kids. They go back to school August 10th. I think that is crazy early.

12. Speaking of school, I got to get some school shopping done

13. Anika seems to be walking better today. I'm glad her foot isn't giving her much trouble

14. I hope these dogs don't destroy my house while I'm gone. My daddy is going to take care of them for me

15. I'm sure going to miss Anika while we are gone. It will be fourteen days before I see her.

16. I'm really hoping for good weather on our trip. May the weather gods be with us

17. My friend Rebekah left to go home to Niagara Falls for a few weeks. I hope she has a great visit

18. My house is a wreck. It needs a good cleaning

19. My son has no concept of time

20. I bet SJ is standing on his head today at work. I'm sure he's ready for some time off

21. I saw where another mines (same company he works for) laid off today. I don't know what people are going to do

22. I need to make Anika paint my toes and fingernails again

23. I cannot for the life of me remember where I put the GPS

24. It stays so cold in my house. This window Air Conditioner is the bomb

25. There is a dive in movie tonight at our local pool. I hate for my kids to miss it :(

26. I still have to come up with a Youth Group lesson plan before I leave

27. Our neighbor is in the hospital. I hope he's okay

28. My brother in law has started coming back around after about 5 years. Boy he's seemed to change for the better. It's nice to have a relationship with him once again.

29. Anika's got big plans all week with Mom and the will be at the beach next week. One excited teenager

30. I still need to vacuum the truck out and it's so hot- ugh I dread it

31. Think I'll make spaghetti for lunch. It's easy!!!!

32. Can't wait to start my photo challenge for July. I love challenging myself

33. It's so nice having all my laundry done....that never happens

34. I'm hungry, guess I should cook

35. We have baby birds on our porch and they are pooping everywhere. I hope they leave the nest soon

36. I wish I could find my camera card...ugh

37. Annalee will not wear clothes for the life of her. It's a daily struggle

38. I'm so going to meet my 7,500 steps today- Go Me!!!!

39. Do you know how heavy cracked corn is? Very heavy, I just carried a bag

40. My husband should be proud of me, I have us totally prepared for this trip!!!!

41. Thinking about getting a job when school goes back. Just not sure yet

42. I can't wait to see where we watch fireworks at this year on the 4th of July. How fun is that?

43. Axle is mad at Anika because she isn't going with us. I guess when she moves out she will have to take him with her

44. I need to find me a cross body purse to take instead of my big bulky one. I know there is one around here somewhere

45. Maybe a backpack would be better than a cross body purse

46. I almost forgot to load the cereal for tomorrow morning. That would be bad

47. I've got a friend who is struggling so bad. Her mom passed recently and the her boss passed this week. She's heartbroken and top of it all she has no job now so she's stressed. I wish I could help her

48. Axle is moaning and groaning in hunger pain- he's so over dramatic

49. Lee just came thru the house in the cutest beach hat ever that her sissy gave her

50. If you don't mind, whisper a prayer for us to have safe travels


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pictureless Post Again......

Since I once again have no photos for you today, I thought I'd try to keep your interest by doing an alphabet post. They are my favorite kind!

A is for Ankle- Anika sprained her ankle today pretty bad at McDonalds. She is now hobbling every where we go. She fell in a hole in the parking lot. It busted up her poor knee too.

B is for Bedtime- It's after midnight and I'm worn out tonight. As soon as I get this post typed, I'm going to bed.

C is for Clothes- I picked up some clothes today that Anika bought off a friend of hers. That is the common thing this year it seems. All the girls are listing their clothes and buying off each other.

D is for Dinner- Dinner tonight consisted of Bacon, Pinto Beans and Fried Potatoes. Axle so enjoyed it. Bacon is his favorite.

E is for Excited- Tomorrow we leave for vacation!!!!!

F is for Final- Tomorrow I will post my final list in my 30 day list challenge. I can't believe I successfully did it for 30 days. It was so much fun.

G is for Goals- It's time for a Goals Update

June 2016 Goals

* Get up with Hubby before work everyday
(Didn't happen, just too early so I decided to change it to pack his bucket and lay his stuff out)
That was VERY succesful

*Date Night
(This happened- We went camping alone and it was amazing)

*Trim/Dye my Hair
(Happy to report, both were completed)

*Take my kids somewhere overnight by myself
(Nope, didn't happen)

*Declutter my Room
(This about 1/2 happened)

*Fix Annalee's Room
(This happened and she LOVES it)

*Visit Christie
(Massive Fail)

*Email my Aunt
(Another massive fail)

*Attend VBS
(We attended every night and I even taught a class)

*Attend Dad's Ordination
(I was so proud of him and we celebrated with dinner afterwards)

*Get Permit Paper for Anika
(Yep, I got it)

*Pay Pool Deposit
(Didn't do because Axle now says he doesn't want a pool party)

*Play with Water balloons
(Sadly we didn't do this)

*Go Swimming with Mom
(Mom and the kids went but I never did)

*Visit Natural Bridge
(Another thing that didn't happen)

*Go to the Beach Area at the lake
(We did and it was so fun)

*Do a month of Lists
(Yes, final one will post tomorrow)

*Do June Photo  Books
(I've given up on this- just don't have the time)

*Have a Yes Day
(Nope, didn't happen)

*Eat Icees
(This did happen and they were awesome)


* Continue getting Hubby ready for work
* July Date Night
* Go Thrifting
* Buy a few magazines I enjoy
* Do a massive closet purge with my clothes
* Hang and Organize the kids clothes to prepare for back to school
*Visit Christie
* Email Millie
* Attend Church when I'm home on Sunday's
* Continue helping with Youth Group
* Successfully host Lee and Ax's Birthday Parties
* Start planning Christmas Vacation
* Enjoy Vacation
* Go swimming with Mom
* Do July Photo Challenge
* Try new Recipes
* Have a YES day
* Take the kids for a walk

H is for Happy- My Anika went for her permit today (finally) and passed it. She was proud and I was so happy for her!!!! I now have a driver!

I is for Indecisive- Axle has changed party locations on me for his birthday. I have no clue what theme I'll go with now.

J is for Justin- He is my cousin and just announced to us he's planning a surprise engagement for his girlfriend. It will be interesting to see what he has up his sleeve.

K is for Kids- They are standing on their heads waiting on vacation time to roll around. I hope they have a great time.

L is for List- I need to make a list of what I need to do tomorrow but I'm just too tired. I guess I'll wing it!

M is for Mom- Mom returned home from her overnight trip in Lexington today. I was glad to have her home safe and sound.

N is for Noses- All three of my kids have runny noses and sound icky. I'm hoping it's just allergies

O is for Old- I'll be turning 37 years old on the 8th of July. How is that even possible?

P is for Packed- Most everything is packed and ready to go tomorrow. I just have a few finishing touches to do! It's nice to feel prepared

Q is for Quiet- It's so quiet in my house right now, everyone is sleeping but me

R is for Ready- Hubby got the truck ready today. It's got new tires, a fresh transmission oil change and motor oil change & the ac should be working tomorrow evening!

S is for Steps- I've exceeded my 7,500 steps goal for the past two days. I'm loving this activity tracker

T is for Thankful- Very thankful to be in a position to take a vacation this year

U is for Uncle- My Uncle brought us two brand new rolls of carpet today he had gotten off his neighbor. I can't wait to get them put down

V is for Visit- Our friend Bobby who had a heart attack last month stopped by to visit today. He's looking so much better

W is for Writing- I bought a writing tablet to journal our trip. I cannot wait to tell you guys all about it

X- Should not be a letter!!!!

Y is for Yesterday- I borrowed mom's camera yesterday and will be taking it with me so I will be bombarding you all with photos

Z is for Zero- It's zero minutes till I go to bed 

Goodnight :)

29/30 50 Things I find Relaxing

1. Soaking in a hot bath

2. The sound of a window ac running

3. Rain on a tin roof

4. Naps

5. Walking

6. Coloring

7. Writing

8. Back Rubs

9. Watching the Sunset

10. Sound of the ocean

11. Driving at night with my windows down

12. Sitting around a bonfire

13. Getting my hair washed at the salon

14. Peace and Quiet

15. Floating around on the boat at the lake

16. Walking the ocean

17. Hydrotherapy Beds

18. Shopping alone

19. Riding around the top of the ridge at night

20. Laying in the tanning bed

21. Laying in the sun

22. Floating around in the pool (without kids)

23. Reading magazines

24. Pay attention to my breathing

25. Talking to a friend

26. Planning (Trips, Occasions, Etc)

27. Swinging

28. Sitting on the front porch at night

29. Comfort Food

30. Writing out everything that needs done (getting it on paper and out of my brain helps so much)

31. Sleeping In

32. Church

33. Gospel Music

34. Pedicures

35. Hot Tubs or Whirlpool Baths

36. Laughing

37. Eating chocolate

38. Eating Fruit

39. Sipping on some alcohol

40. Watching Television

41. Covering up and laying in my bed

42. Nature

43. Staring at the stars

44. Gratitude Journaling

45. Cuddling

46. Hugs

47. Kissing

48. Sex

49. Date Nights

50. Smiling

Tomorrow's List:

50 Things I Know How To Do

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Here is my Monday/Tuesday rundown. Still no photos, sorry!!!!

- Our Monday was pretty laid back. I was lazier than I should have been but still got some things accomplished.

- I managed to get out and get my hair trimmed and pick up a part for the Husband's weedeater even though I had to do it in a complete downpour.

- It rained cats and dogs here on and off all day- good for the gardens but bad for folks who are already struggling with flooding and such.

- Anika had two friends over and they just all hung out here in the house. One of them spent the night last night and one of them went home.

- Hubs got our air conditioner bolted down last night in the camper and I got all our blankets loaded and the camper cleaned up!

- I stayed up WAY too late last night and in return slept way too late this morning. I'm so going to break this vicious cycle as soon as vacation is over.

- Today the kids and I ran Rebekah some money up for her ultrasound. A friend and I went in half and scheduled her an ultrasound at one of those fancy places. Miss Rebekah is having a girl ;)

- I spent the majority of my day packing up stuff in the camper and gathering up stuff here in the house to take on vacation!

- I also moved my living room furniture out today and cleaned behind it all. This evening I met hubby at Dad's and we got our new (to us) living room suit. Mom and Dad bought a new one and we got their old one.

- This evening we had pizza place food for dinner and I went and bought some things we needed for our trip!

- Hubs spent his evening mounting the spare on the camper. He also tore my truck apart to change the transmission fluid. Unfortunately they gave him the wrong filter so it will have to wait till tomorrow.

- I did get Annalee's party invites sent out today. They are so cute!

- Packing and preparing, it's the theme around here.  We leave in 2 days!!!!!

Hope you all are having a great week


28/30- 50 Things I Wish I knew how to Do

1. Sew- At least a button on

2. Make gourmet food

3. Make gourmet desserts

4. Yoga

5. Drive a standard shift

6. Be a Morning Person

7. Crochet- Wish I had let granny teach me

8. Make cocktails

9. Make money travelling

10. Blog designs

11. Algebra, Geometry, Etc

12. Budget Money

13. Paint- Without making a huge mess

14. Paint my own nails

15. Braid hair

16. Canning

17. Gardening (food)

18. Gardening (flowers)

19. Make flower arrangements- Something I wish I had let my other grandma teach me

20. Sing well

22. Ride horses (on my own without a guide)

23. Make homemade biscuits

24. Make homemade gravy

25. Cook in a pressure cooker

26. Find a job I love that pays well

27. Meditate (I can't clear my mind)

28. Decorate my house

29. Be more organized

30. Take better photos

31. Be more confident

32. Surf

33. Stop Worrying so much

34. Have more Faith in God

35. Be more adventurous

36. Dress better

37. Walk in High Heels

38. Pay bills better

39. Get into a better bedtime routine

40. Stick with a housekeeping schedule

41. Iron and it actually look ironed

42. Dance without looking awkward

43. Pole Dance

44. Battle Depression Better

45. Listen More and Talk Less

46. Be a Better Friend

47. Be more Motivated

48. Give amazing massages

49. Enjoy Reading

50. Speak another language

Tomorrow's List:

50 Things I Find Relaxing

Monday, June 27, 2016

List 27/30 50 Places I have Visited

1. Kings Island- Perfect for older kids and adults. Tons of coasters if your into thrill rides

2. Savannah Georgia- I loved Savannah but probably wouldn't return. It's one of those places I'd love to live however there isn't a lot to see/do there.

3. Tybee Island- Beautiful beach and so glad I got to see it. Again, I probably wouldn't return but it's definitely worth a one time visit.

4. Gulf Shores Alabama- Unfortunately there was a red flag warning while we were in Gulf Shores so I can't tell you much about it. The area was nice though.

5. Natural Bridge KY- I've been here a few times because it's fairly close. They have a scary sky lift. The bridge is really cool to see. I'll definitely be returning at some point I'm sure

6. Sea World, Orlando- I cannot rave enough about it. I love everything about Sea World and would love to take Axle and Lee to see it.

7. Dauphin Island, Alabama- I would put this on a MUST VISIT list. This place is just gorgeous, very uncrowded and one of the best places we have been.

8. Stone Mountain, Georgia- Another amazing place! So much to do and kid friendly as well. I'd like to spend some more time exploring there.

9. Gatlinburg, TN- To me Gatlinburg is more of an adults area. It's small and walkable, great food and lots of drinks!

10. Peigon Forge, TN- This area is much more kid friendly. From Go Karts, Dinner Shows and a gazillion other tourist attractions, it's a great area. You better have a pocket full of money though.

11. Dixie Stampede- Excellent Show and Excellent food. Well worth the price of admission

12. New Orleans, LA- Believe it or not, I didn't enjoy New Orleans. Just not my vibe. We spent a day there and moved on.

13. Daytona Beach, FL- I'm on the fence here. Great New Years Eve Block Party, nice area but hate the beach. Has hard sand and vehicles driving on the beach just aren't my thing.

14. Carter Caves, KY- Small State Park located near my house. Pretty nice cave tours, nice nature area, horseback riding and other fun outdoors things to do

15. Ripley's Believe it or Not- Waste of money in my opinion

16. Wonderworks- Again, waste of money

17. Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, KY- Nice for a stop and see. Not a lot to do but the Falls are very pretty

18. Virginia Beach- I really loved Virginia Beach. Must less touristy than Myrtle Beach but a great area! I'd definitely return

19. Comedy Barn, TN- Great family friendly show. Would love to take my two little one's back

20. Bristol, TN- If racing is your thing, Bristol rocks. Small track, great views of entire track!!!!

21. Gatorland, FL- LOVED Gatorland. Could spend an entire day there. Must see on a Florida trip. Another place I'd revisit

22. Time Square, NYC- Time Square is seriously the place to be. I could just sit and people watch there for endless hours.

23. Cincinnati Zoo, Ohio- It's a nice zoo but not very shaded! Lots of cool animals. The kids got bored pretty quickly though.

24. Great Wolf Lodge, TN- Visited once, super expensive. The indoor water park is fabulous!!!! Food on site so you don't even have to leave the hotel.

25. Chattanooga, TN- One of my favorite places. I'd love to live in Chattanooga. Great free park and sprayground in the summer too.

26. Myrtle Beach, SC- I LOVE Myrtle Beach. Yes it's a tourist trap but I don't care. It's got such a fun and laid back vibe. The hotels and campgrounds are awesome too!!!!

27. Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies- If you visit the Smoky Mountains it's a MUST DO!!!! Huge and definitely worth the admission price

28. Dollywood, TN- Dollywood is nice but geared more towards adults in my opinion. Not sure I'd visit again. Very expensive!

29. Hillbilly Hot Dogs, WV- Featured on Food Network. Food is okay but the environment is amazing :)

30. KY Horse Park, KY- I went during Christmas and definitely plan on going back. Gorgeous light display and so much to do. My kids had a blast.

31. Rock City, TN- A MUST VISIT!!!! It is gorgeous, kid friendly and a great walk! I'd definitely recommend it!

32. Incline Railway, TN- The incline railway was so much fun. Definitely worth the price of admission!!!

33. Cafe du Monde, New Orleans- My favorite place in New Orleans, so good!!!!!

34. Rainforest Cafe, SC- Loved the setting. Great for kids. Very expensive and the food is horrible!

35. Planet Hollywood, SC- This place rocked. Great food, great setting...loved it all

36. Camden Park, WV- We go once a year or more. Small amusement park, perfect for little kids!

37. Breaks of the Mountains State Park- BORING!!!!! Nothing to do. Some pretty views but otherwise nothing there. I haven't been since they put in the new waterpark though so it might be better

38. Louisville Zoo, KY- I actually really like the Louisville Zoo. Not only does it have animals but it also has a great children's area

39. Kentucky Kingdom, KY- Pretty cool place. Lots of rides and a nice waterpark. Would definitely return.

40 Beach Waterpark, Ohio- MUST do in my opinion. Awesome waterpark

41. Winterplace, WV- Went snow tubing here and had an absolute blast. Would love to go back

42. Chesapeake Bay Tunnel Bridge- Such a cool experience. Driving under the ocean is a must do in my book!!!

43. Ponce de Leon Lighthouse, FL- One of the most amazing things! Great grounds. Climb to the top is difficult but so worth it.

44. Build A Bear Workshop- If you have kids and haven't visited a Build A Bear, your missing out

45. Cherokee, NC- I love Cherokee. It's small (although it's grown). It's a great place to walk, shop, visit attractions, etc. Must see an Indian show!

46. Broadway at the Beach, SC- It's a fun area with lots of things to do and places to eat. Definitely worth a stop in.

47. Mount Trashmore Park, VA- A MUST do with kids. The most amazing park I've ever seen plus plenty of places for adults to sit :)

48. Bob Evans Festival, Ohio- We love this festival. It's so fun for adults and kids. It's good old fashioned fun plus almost everything is FREE including horseback rides and kids rides. Look it up, you should definitely go!

49. Family Kingdom, SC- A great place for kids but kind of pricey. We spent a few hours here and the kids had a great time

50. Ride the Ducks- We done this in Georgia and if you've never rode an amphibious vehicle, you should. It was a blast.

Tomorrow's List
50 Things I want to Be Known For

Sunday, June 26, 2016

June 26th

Today I:

Overslept- For Church so we didn't get to go. Boo Me :(

Watched- The NYC Gay Pride Parade online. It was definitely colorful

Washed- All the laundry in the house except for maybe 1 or two loads. Definite laundry progress

Went- To Walmart for my Husband. He needed an Air Conditioner to put in the camper. We now have one almost completely installed thank goodness!

Packed- More things for vacation. I'm so excited, only 3 more days :)

Ate- Beef Jerky and a Bowl of Cereal. I just don't have an appetite today

Appreciated: Mom and Dad taking the kids to the pool. They had a blast

Found- A pool I'd like to get Annalee for her birthday. I just worry about the safety of having a pool

Needed- To clean off the front porch and send out invites to Lee's party but neither got done

Picked Up- A new playhouse for Lee that the Hubby got her. She was over the moon excited about it

Updated- My June Goals List. I'll be posting them soon

Saw- Where our local eye doctor passed away. He was a great man. My heart breaks for his wife and kids

Wished- I had air conditioning in my truck. It was so hot!

Felt- Great up until about an hour ago. My head has started hurting

Bought- A couple new solid color tops. Think I'm going to overhaul my wardrobe soon

Stopped- By the store and grabbed a few things. Am I the only one who hates going to the store?

Am  Sharing- The only couple of photos I managed to get. Hoping to get a new camera tomorrow!

The kids at the pool today

Loving her new playhouse

Hope everyone has a great week


50 Foods I Love List 26/30

1. Fried Green Tomatoes

2. Fried Potatoes with Polish Sausage and Onions

3. Deep Fried Oreo's

4. Milky Way Dark

5. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal

6. Bacon

7. Sausage Links

8. Bob Evans Turkey and Dressing

9, Garden or Chef Salads with Ranch Dressing

10. Peach Cobbler

11. McDonald's Strawberry Pies and Holiday Pies

12. Breakfast Buritos

13. Zucchini Bread

14. Homemade Vanilla Pudding

15. Mushrooms (Deep Fried, Plain, Sauteed, Grilled, Stuffed...just anyway)

16. Baked Ravioli

17. Garlic Bread

18. Stuffed Shells

19. Kiwi, Strawberries and Pineapple with Cream Cheese Fruit Dip

20. Lazy Perogies

21. Corn Casserole

22. Ranch Potatoes

23. Steak and A1 Sauce

24. Broccoli Casserole

25. Potato Soup with lots of cheese

26. Hashbrown Casserole

27. Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce (anyway you want to fix it)

28. Deep Fried Catfish

29. Hush Puppies

30. Deep Fried Turkey

31. Rice Krispie Treats

32. Caramel

33. Italian BMT on Flatbread from Subways

34. Mustard Greens

35. Pickled Corn

36. Mexican Cornbread

37. Mom's Spaghetti

38. Stuffed Cabbeage

39. Lemon Cake

40. Blackberries

41. Texas Roadhouse Cinnamon Butter

42. Sausage Balls

43. Fried Rice

44. Stove Top Stuffing

45. Syrup, Butter and Biscuits

46. Mozzarella Sticks

47. Blueberry Muffin Mix (The muffins are okay too)

48. Banana Splits

49. Pancakes with Blueberry or Cinnamon Butter Syrup

50. Eggs with Salsa and Mushrooms

Tomorrow's List:
50 Places I've Been

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Top 10 Saturday

It's Saturday and despite the fact that my camera tore up and my husband had to work, it's been a GREAT Day!!!!

Here's my Top 10 Things that made today great in no specific order

1. The sun has shined all day and it's been hot. Not a drop of rain in sight!

2. It's only 4 more days and we leave for vacation. I'm so ready!!! I've already started packing our clothes :)

3. My sweet Hubby thought of our boy today & stopped at a Yard Sale just to buy him these. Axle was one happy guy!!!!

4. It's almost July and that is one of my favorite months. I cannot wait!!!

5. I got the laundry under control today, the house cleaned up and some other bits and pieces of housework done. After the lazy week I've had, being productive has been a great thing.

6. It's my Mommy's Birthday and I got to spend the evening with her and my family. I'm so blessed to have such an amazing mother

7. My Lee seems to be feeling much better and I'm so thankful. I don't want sick babies on vacation.

8. I got my Birthday Presents from my parent's early today. I'm going to be gone on my birthday so they gave them to me today. One happy girl here.

New Shoes- In Love!!!!

Perfect Top for my upcoming Vacation

Garmin Activity Tracker
I've wanted one forever!!!!

9. A yummy meal for dinner- Hot Dogs, Potato Salad, Mac n Cheese & Birthday Cake! Can't beat that

10. It's Saturday which means my hubs will be off work tomorrow :)

Hope you've had a Top 10 Day too friends!!!

List 25/30 Trends I Don't Get

1. Winged Eyeliner and it's my Daughter's favorite

2. Fruit Carved Sculptures- Have you seen It? It's Weird

3. Energy Drinks, Shots, Etc- So unhealthy and expensive

4. Plastic Surgery- Totally not for me

5. Electric Cars- Plugging in my car, no thanks!!!

6. Starbucks- Yuck and Expensive although I bet lots would disagree

7. Grand Theft Auto- Just a horrible game

8. Kids and Tutus- My Annalee would hate it. Too bulky for her liking

9. Dying your hair Grey/Silver- Don't that come soon enough?

10. Vegan- I could NOT do without my meat

11. Converse- Never ever liked them....not even back in the day

12. Cabinets without Doors- How could anyone keep stuff that organized?

13. Glamping- Either you camp or don't. It looks luxurious but really?

14. G-String Bathing Suits- Nobody needs to see that much of you in public

15. Goth Look- It's just sad and depressing looking

16. Stretched Ears- I mean, ouch!

17. Video Taping Childbirth- I just don't understand why anyone would want to watch that

18. Chain Letters- People would believe anything

19. Compost Bins- I know it's good for the Earth but it kinda grosses me out

20. Trash Compactors- I'd be terrified I'd get my finger stuck and cut off

21. All things Personalized- It's cute but enough is enough

22. Taking Cursive Writing out of Schools- Uh why?

23. Star Wars- I so don't get the fascination with it

24. Animal Cremation and Funerals- I like my animals, I don't like them that well

25. Weight Loss Pills- All that stuff doesn't replace hard work

26. Body Piercings- It just appears painful to me

27. Stiletto Shoes- Pretty yes, comfortable no

28. White Ink Tattoos- You can't see them so what is the point

29. Pet Pigs- Pigs should be outdoors...end of discussion

30. Gay Pride Stuff- I don't sport Straight Pride Stuff....what's the difference

31. The phrase "same"- It's a teenage thing and so annoying

32. Texting- Just call me please

33. Instagram- I'm just not into all that jive. Facebook is time consuming enough

34. Snap Chat- See above

35. American Girl Dolls- Ridiculously overpriced

36. Spray Tans- They just don't look natural or at least not the one's I've saw

37. The Kindle and like devices- Give me a real book anyday

38. Electronic Calendars- I'm so old school. Paper and pen for me please

39. Water Births- I would be so uncomfortable

40. Baggy Pants- I'd be pulling them up all day long

41. Airbrushed Makeup- I tried it, it didn't work for me

42. Stand Up Paddleboarding- It might be fun for like 5 minutes

43. Cloth Diapers- It just seems so time consuming (and messy)

44. Extreme Couponing- You might save money but you give up a ton of time

45. Toe Socks- OMG that would drive me bonkers

46. Adult Footed Pajamas- Let's just leave those for the kids, shall we?

47. Camoflauge- It should be used for hunting clothes only

48. Storm Chasing- Can you say insane?

49. Facebook Venting- Some things should be kept personal

50. Fannie Packs- No, No and Just No!!!!!

Tomorrow's List
50 Foods I Love

Friday, June 24, 2016

Wild Weather and Stuff

Well I'm back and ready to update.

Wednesday was about as lame as Tuesday was. I was struggling to find a single bit of motivation. The kids and I stayed home literally all day long. Axle definitely wasn't happy about it. He thinks we should always go somewhere. We had strong storms in the forecast but we didn't get much other than a whole lot of rain. I did stop by the thrift store on my way to get groceries but it was a pretty dry run. I only ended up buying one top!

Thursday was a wild day all the way around. I took Annalee to the dr because she had ran a temp all night Wednesday night. He said it was her allergies/asthma and put her on steroids to open her up. Anika's friend Tasha came over to spend the night and we pretty much just all hung out the biggest part of the evening. I ordered out for dinner and we brought it home to eat. That evening the weather turned a bit rough so the girls and I went to Dad's to hang out. We rode out the many rounds of storms with him. We got home around 9 to find our garage had taken on some water but nothing was damaged. We were out of electric though up until about 11 pm. My kids hate when the electric is off. Their was lots of flooding around here but nothing like our neighbors in WV got. Those folks need prayers. There was lots of loss in their state including loss of life. A 4 year old was swept away by flood waters. Just so heartbreaking. Here's some photos that has been floating around my Facebook feed of their state. Just such devastation, so heart breaking.

Today the kids and I actually got out and about. I'm feeling much better, I guess the funk is over. We went and got the dog's medicine and then went birthday shopping for my Mom. Tomorrow is her birthday! It took up the biggest part of our day and then this evening we had Youth Group! It was a great time with some awesome kids!!!! I love our Youth Group. Tonight I actually got a few things sorted out for vacation and got the house cleaned up a bit. I'd say I'm back to normal or at least I hope.

Before I go, I'll share the very few photos I have! I'm going to do better with picture taking, I promise!

Have a good weekend friends!!!

Introducing My Parents 24/30

1. My Mom and Dad are still happily married after 40 some year- relationship goals!

2. My Mom retired a few years ago from the CAP office. She was a family service worker for the Headstart Progam

3. My Mom  has always worked! From pizza places, flower shops, radiology clinics, headstart teacher and a few more I'm sure I'm forgetting

4. My Mom is actively involved in Church. She leads the Youth Group Program and is over the Sunday school program as well.

5. My Mom is getting ready to have a Birthday tomorrow!!!!

6. My Mom has the prettiest natural red hair ever. She also has a red head temper

7. My Mom loves to walk and work in her flowers.

8. My Mom just learnt how to swim a few years ago

9. My Mom is completely Obsessive Compulsive and her house is always in immaculate condition

10. My Mom always helps me when I need her. She really is my best friend

11. My Mom got her Bachelor's Degree at 40 some years old. She is a very driven lady

12. My Mom looks very young and takes wonderful care of herself

13. My Mom is constantly doing and spending time with my kids. She's an awesome grandma

14. My mom is the oldest of 4 girls and they all turn to her for everything

15. Everyone in our family calls my mom Sissy

16. All of my kids friends call her Nan

17. My Mom is an amazing cook!!!! Nothing like dinner at Mom's

18. My Mom is scared of nothing that I know of other than mice. I think that is where I get it from

19. My Mom is a coffee drinker and loves her sweets

20. My Mom lost her parents (both) a few years ago and took care of them until the day they died

21. My Mom is a woman of a ton of Faith and I wish I could be more like her

22. My Mom loves to joke and have fun. She's really just a big kid at heart

23. My Mom has a beautiful voice and used to sing "Coat of Many Colors" to me when I was little

24. My Mom is very independent and doesn't like help from anyone

25. My Mom is always thinking of others and does her best to be there when anyone needs her

26. My Dad retired just a few months ago from the coal industry

27. My Dad is one of the hardest working people I know. He doesn't accept any handouts

28. My Dad's Dad died when he was just 19. I think from the stories I've been told, my dad is just like him

29. My Dad was recently ordained as a deacon in the Church

30. My Dad doesn't gossip or talk about anyone

31. My Dad loves to read and fish. He also loves to work in his garden

32. My Dad is very affectionate with his family. He makes sure we all know he loves us

33. My Dad has one brother and they are very close

34. My Dad is honest as the day is long. If he tells you something you can bank on it being the truth

35. My Dad was in a horrible motorcycle accident when he was younger and done major damage to his legs. To this day he still limps

36. My Dad is dark complected, has dark eyes and dark hair just like me

37. My Dad is super smart but never went to college

38. My Dad loves my kids but hates keeping them by himself. He says they make him nervous

39. My Dad collects signs to hang in his garage. It's his new found hobby

40. My Dad is a gardener and grows a ton of food every year

41. My Dad used to hunt a lot but hasn't in years because of his legs

42. My Dad is quiet and listens much more than he talks

43. My Dad's favorite cake is Pineapple Upside Down

44. My Dad's birthday is in December, close to Anika's

45. My Dad is the Sunday School teacher at Church for the adults

46. My Dad is my shoulder to cry on. I'm a Daddy's girl

47. My Dad is very patient. Sometimes I say he has the patience of Job!

48. My Dad rarely wears shorts because one of his legs is very small due to muscle loss from the accident

49. My Dad goes out of his way to help people. It's just who he is

50. My Dad is truly the poster child for a "Family Man". We are so blessed!

Tomorrow's  List:

50 Trends I don't Understand!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Things on my Wishlist! List 23/30

1. A massage- Can you believe I've never had a professional massage?

2. Self Improvement Books- I've been wanting to start reading a few

3. A pedicure- My piggies need pampered

4. A new Camera- Mine has about bit the dust

5. A Basement or Storm Shelter- I HATE storms!!!

6. A vehicle with 3rd row seating or a Mini Van- Momma needs the room

7. A Pressure Cooker- One of the new "not dangerous" ones

8. A Bathing Suit- One that fits and I don't look like a busted can of biscuits in :)

9. A Study Bible- To better help me understand

10. New Dresses- For Church

11. A Map- Like a real map for travel planning

12. Heels- That I can actually walk in

13. A Tanning Bed- So I could get my relaxation on

14. A Pool- Okay this one is kind of for the kids

15. A Hot Tub- Located on my back deck I'm wanting

17. A Bigger Closet- Yes I already have the space, it just needs built

18. A Jetted Bathtub- Might as well dream big, right?

19. A Back Deck- To have cookouts on

20. A Vacation Home- Although I'll never have one

21. Jewelry- You know the fake fashion kind

22. An Erin Condren Planner- Or something similar

23. Stickers- For my new planner

24. A whole stash of great Ink Pens- I love to write

25. A new Laptop- Mine is so slow

26. Glasses- That I can actually see out of

27. A Deep Freeze- I need more room for food

28. A Dryer- Mine is making a racket...I wouldn't mind having a washer too

29. A Corner Kitchen Table- I need something small

30. Leather Furniture- Like the kind that doesn't peel and my kids won't ruin

31. Some Victoria Secret Active Wear- I'll never spend that much on myself though

32. Good Makeup- Not the Rite Aid stuff I currently buy

33. Bra's- Good one's with nice support

34. Netflix- For real :)

35. A Heated Blanket- For the winter months

36. A Jet Ski- Cause Anika loves them

37. A set of good Knives- Unlike mine that won't cut hot butter

38. A Steam Cleaner- Just to see how well they really do work

39. A Bicycle- For when we go camping and stuff

40. A Pedometer- To count my steps!!!

41. A new GPS- Mine is old as dirt

42. Good Cookbooks- Those that have stuff in them I actually want to make

43. A Full Length Mirror- In my room

44. A small Pistol- I'd feel much safer

45. Pajamas- Instead of my worn out shorts and tees

46. New Skillets- Mine are so old and they stick pretty bad

47. Muck Boots- For Winter time to wade around the snow in

48. Wellies- For when I want to be cute

49. A Stainless Grill- Although mine does work fine

50. A Hammock on a Stand- Cause I'd nap in the shade

Tomorrow's List:
50 Things About My Parent's

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Things I Never Want to Do- List 22/30

1. Skydive- I can't even imagine jumping out of an airplane

2. Bungee Jump- Yeah a strap around my ankle just doesn't make me feel safe

3. Swim with Sharks- I've watched Jaws, no thank you!

4. Hold a Snake- Totally not my cup of tea

5. Eat Oysters- The smell literally makes me sick

6. Attend the Superbowl- I hate football

7. Zorbing- I'd totally smother to death

8. Be on Survivor or any similar show- I'd never ever survivie

9. Drive a motorcycle- I'm totally too unccordinated

10. Chase a tornado- I'm terrified of storms

11. Get a body piercing- Only my ears friends

12. Have dreadlocks- Anika tried it, looked like a rats nest

13. Speak in front of an audience- I'd panic and sound like a fool

14. Get divorced- I love being married and having a family

15. Travel to Space- Heck no!!!

16. Break a Bone- So far so good

17. Have a C-Section- I had all three natural and don't plan on having anymore but if I did, a C-Section would scare me

18. Lose my hair- I'd feel naked

19. Water Ski- It just looks difficult and painful when the skis hit you

20. Swim in a River- Rivers scare me for some odd reason

21. Dye my hair a funky color- I'm just too old

22. Be a Body Builder- I think too much is just nasty

23. Join the Military- I'm such a chicken

24. Pose Nude- Too fat for that junk

25. Give up soda- I'd just cry :(

26. See Bigfoot- How scary would that be

27. See a Ghost- Not even my loved ones

28. Live in a very cold place-  I hate Winter

29. Be a Mortician- Again, I'm a big chicken

30. Spend the night in a Haunted Place- You won't see me there

31. Walk on Glass- I like my feet thank you

32. Swallow Fire- Why would anyone want to do this?

33. Live back in the Old Days- I'm entirely too lazy for that kind of work

34. Take Chemo or Radiation- Although I might if I had no choice

35. Win the Lottery- Money changes people and I wouldn't want it to change me

36. Run for President- I would never want that much power

37. Be Famous- Fame equals no privacy and I like my privacy

38. Live in a big city- A small city would be fine though

39. See an execution- I couldn't handle watching someone die

40. Work fast food- I really don't think I'd have the patience for it

41. Go upside down in a plane- Those cute tricks aren't for this gal

42. Have a pet mouse or anything similar- Oh how I hate those little rodents

43. Ride a Bull- Those guys are too big for me

44. Attend Mardi Gras- One trip to New Orleans was enough for me

45. Go Hunting- Killing things isn't my thing. I do like eating them after their killed though

46. Own a Convertible- Way too dangerous for my blood

47. Be without Health Coverage- I stay too sick

48. Run a Race- I'm totally not a runner

49. Travel to third world countries- It would break my heart

50. Be a paramedic- I'd never sleep at night

Tomorrow's List: 50 Things on my Wishlist!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

No Motivation!!!

We have been rather lazy the past two days so not much to share. I'll give ya what I got though!

A- Axle and Annalee have been Go Kart riding fools lately. They ride everyday before their daddy goes to work.

B- Bought myself some peach pop today. It takes me back to the days that me and papa used to walk across the road to the old gas station and buy me Nehi Peach Pop in the glass bottles. Sweet Memories!

C- Can't wait till Vacation- 9 days left!!!!!

D- Don't know why but I've been extremely lazy and unmotivated this week. We haven't even hardly left the house. I'm blaming it on PMS!

E- Early this morning Annalee woke up coughing. It was a bad sounding cough but she hasn't done it all day. I'm hoping she isn't trying to get sick on me.

F- Feeling kind of bad that that the kids have been cooped up for 2 days. Maybe I'll take them somewhere tomorrow.

G- Got quite a bit of laundry done these last two days so that is a plus

H- Having a hard time deciding on Lee's Birthday Party theme. Here's what I'm considering, you let me know what you think.

I- I've decided on Axle's Party Theme. He's having a fishing party!!!!

J- Just can't seem to get my sleep schedule on track the last few weeks. Thinking I need to get out more and take might night medicine again. It's a constant struggle!

K- Kind of excited for the upcoming weekend. It's a double birthday celebration this weekend

L- Living off Motrin this week. The cramps are yucky, especially the leg cramps

M- Missing my husband being home. I despise 2nd shift

N- Not really looking forward to the storms tomorrow. Some are supposed to be severe and even tornado chances. I hate storms!

O- Organized the bar a little today. It looks much better. I swear it catches all the junk and clutter we have

P- Praying for a family friend's family. Sherry lost her battle to cancer but left behind an amazing testimony. I know they are all struggling with having to let her go.

Q- Quitting smoking has crossed my mind a few times the last two days. I wish I could just make myself do it.

R- Ready for bed...think I'll go after I finish this post. I'm tired tonight

S- Supposed to take Anika to try for her permit tomorrow but I think she's already trying to back out

T- Thinking about all the things I need to do. I guess I need to do a "brain dump" and get it out of my head and onto paper.

U- Usually burning up in this house but that new window unit does the trick. It's freezing cold in here all the time. Almost too cold!

V- Very sorry that this post is so boring and has no photos. I'll do better tomorrow, promise!

W- Would love to get in a walk tomorrow. Might put that on my list!

X- X-tra sad that Anika's not going on vacation with us. I won't see her for 14 days. I might go withdrawls!

Y- Yep that does it for me friends. It's all I got tonight!

Z- Headed to catch my Zzz's- Night Night

List 21/30- Things I Don't Understand

Things I Don't Understand

1. How one day my children can love each other and be best friends and the next they fight like cats and dogs

2. Why people pick and choose what they want to condemn others for but never seem to see their own flaws

3. Why education is so dang expensive

4. Why anyone needs weapons of mass destruction besides our military

5. Why our county fights "going wet" when every single county around us is wet

6. How people are so quick to point fingers at parents when tragedies occur.

7. Why people take all their personal problems to facebook

8. Why insurance doesn't cover birth control pills but will cover labor and delivery costs

9. Why seeing a doctor, having a procedure or going to the ER costs an arm and a leg

10. How single parent's making minimum wage don't qualify for food stamps

11. Why fruits and vegetables are as expensive as junk food

12. Why you can buy energy drinks on food stamps

13. Why in a time when most people are broke, homes are going for hundreds of thousands of dollars

14. How a window unit cools my house better than a central unit

15. How anyone isn't terrified of mice...ugh!

16. Why anyone thinks jumping out of a moving plane with a parachute is a good idea

17. Where all our dirty laundry comes from

18. How our school system can't afford text books for our students

19. Why people are shocked that they are seeing alligators in Florida

20. Why our dog's flea treatment doesn't seem to be working

21. How Axle gets so many darn bruises

22. Why I'm scared of storms- it's an irrational fear

23. Why my husband can't be as optimistic as me- then again why can't everyone be as optimistic as me

24. Why little kids get cancer and other terminal illnesses

25. Why my hair is turning grey so quickly- I guess I got my Granny to thank for it

26. How anyone could be mean to a child or their parent's

27. Why my shoulder hurts all the time when they say their is nothing wrong with it

28. Why I didn't go to college

29. How anyone could eat meat from a can- gag

30. Why I can't sleep at night but boy can I sleep all day

31. Why good razors cost a fortune

32. How anyone could find the time to raise kids and still keep themselves so put together all the time

33. How my husband could possibly eat so much salt on his food

34. Why they make shorts so short these days. Not all of us have teenage bodies

35. Why I hate Winter so bad but I really do :(

36. How it's possible that my oldest child is almost 18 years old

37. Why more people can't just be kind

38. Why it cost me extra money to pay my electric bill over the phone or online

39. How anyone couldn't think nature is beautiful

40. Why Annalee is so loud

41. How I have a gazillion clothes and nothing to wear

42. Why digital cameras don't hold up as well as regular cameras

43. Why we have to pay a water bill when the water quality is so bad we can't drink it

44. Why our dogs bark at every little noise yet their too lazy to get up and see what it is

45. Why common sense isn't so common these days

46. Why the cartoon channels show bad shows late at's a kids channel for pete sake

47. Why the cost of going to Disney is equal to buying a used car

48. How my kids eat condiment sandwiches- you know ketchup, mustard, etc

49. How my refrigerator gets so dirty. It's like the groceries have a party when the door is shut

50. How my kids could possibly be bored with all the millions of toys they have!

Tomorrow's List
50 Things I Never Want to Do

Monday, June 20, 2016

List 20/30- Things about my Husband

About my Husband

1. We went to school together. He's just a year older than me but I don't think we ever spoke

2. We got married in 1999- almost 18 years ago

3. He's a coal miner and has been his entire adult life

4. He is a spitting image of his daddy 

5. He has 3 brothers but only really keeps in touch with one of them

6. He is going to be bald when he gets older. He's almost there now

7. He lived in Alabama right after High School but moved back to marry me

8. He is tall and skinny but eats like a pig

9. He is a trader and is constantly buying, selling or trading something

10. He actually works as an underground boss right now. He got his bossing papers several years ago

11. He's worked for the same company for around 15 year and he NEVER misses work

12. He loves 4-wheeling and being in the hills

13. He also loves the lake and boating

14. He can literally fall asleep in 5 minutes. It drives me crazy

15. He spends most of his time out tinkering in his garage

16. He loves to work on vehicles and is pretty good at it

17. He is a creature of habit unlike me

18. He doesn't talk to his parents and hasn't in years

19. He never traveled till we got married and now he loves it almost as much as I do

20. He talks on the phone more than I do

21. My driving kills him and he gripes about it every time we go somewhere

22. He thinks money grows on trees and spends it like no other but gripes when we are broke

23. He has more vehicles in a year than most people have in a lifetime

24. He's a beer drinker, always has been

25. He chews which is gross in my opinion but he'd probably say the same about my smoking

26. He is a sucker when it comes to our kids and gives in to most anything they want

27. He drinks one cup of coffee a day and it has to come from the gas station

28. He's an energy drink guy and I complain about it all the time

29. He's very strange about what he eats. Mashed potatoes with lumps is evil to him

30. He loves being outside even in the winter

31. He is very particular about how our grass is cut so he won't hire anyone to do it

32. He loves to start projects. Demolition is his favorite part. Finishing projects he's not so good at

33. He goes to church on special occasions to keep me happy

34. He's so stubborn and I'm not even kidding

35. He used to dirt track race and it scared me to death

36. He hates how unorganized I am

37. He loves Hot Dogs and would eat them everyday if I would fix them

38. His favorite store is Advanced Auto- we should get a frequent shoppers discount

39. He's terrified of snakes

40. He has one tattoo and I have one that matches it

41. He loves big dogs and I love no dogs

42. We are as different as night and day but somehow it works most of the time

43. He's not a romantic but he tries to make sure I'm always happy

44. He rarely gets sick and hardly ever goes to a doctor

45. He loves action movies

46. He watches American Pickers, Storage Wars and those kind of shows

47. He will do anything I ask him when it comes to helping my parents

48. He comes up with money when I seriously think there is no money to come up with

49. He wears his work boots everywhere unless I insist he wears good shoes

50. He is a T-Shirt and Jeans kind of guy. Nothing fancy about him!

Tomorrow's List:
50 Things I just don't Understand!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Weekend Edition

It's Sunday and the weekend is just about over. It's been a good one though so I sure can't complain.

Friday we sat around the house most of the day. We did get Annalee's room cleaned and it felt good to be able to check it off my list. I also ended up going to the doctor Friday due to a boil on the inside of my leg. Other than that, it was pretty slow paced until Friday evening. We spent our evening celebrating the last day of VBS with a pool party and ice cream. To say the kids had a blast is an understatement.

Saturday was pretty much a slow paced day. I went and got some Father's Day gifts and that was about it. Hubby got all our grass cut and a window air conditioner installed so maybe we don't sweat to death all summer. We had pizza for dinner and then spent the evening at his brother's. He helped him with some electrical work while the kids and I hung out in the house and talked to Debbie. It was around 10:30 when we got home and we all hit the hay shortly after!

Today started with Church and I was so happy that my husband went. Our VBS kids performed for their daddies today and they did an awesome job singing. I was so proud of my three!

The Church service was good. I liked the preacher today. After the service, my cousin was baptized. It was such a blessing to be present to see it. I love her so much and am so proud of her.

After church we came home, warmed up some pizza for lunch and gave Hubs his present and cards. 

After that it was a trip to Walmart. We got 4 new tires for the truck and stuff to fix the air conditioner. We are getting vacation ready, only 10 more days :)

I spent this evening with my parents. We took dad his gifts and sat on the porch and visited. I'm so thankful to still have them both.

After we got home Hubby put the tires on the truck and got the air fixed. I had Anika color my hair for me to hide some of this grey. The washing machine is winding down for the night and we are all getting ready for bed. It's almost time to start a new week!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day Weekend