Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Word Association!!!!

Overslept- Not really because I was up by 7:00 am but my goal was 6;00 am.

Finished- Anika finally made her last trip to the High School today for her last test. Well until next year anyway!

Ecstatic- That the school year is almost over! Axle is a bear in the mornings

Planned- To do a "Day In my Life" post today. As you can see, Epic Fail

Outside- Where hubs spent his time before work today. He worked on the boat and helped our elderly neighbor plow his garden

Walked- We walked the Bike Trail today and it about done me in. It was a good walk though!

Shocked- They are doing an amazing job at our public pool this year. They have been working on it for a few days now and today I noticed they were even putting in a put put course. It was bought last year by our local community center and I think that is going to be a wonderful thing!

Simplify- I've decided I'm going to start simplifying my facebook. I'll only be keeping close family and friends on it as well as unliking unimportant pages! I think it will be good for my health.

Second Shift- Hubby is on second shift this week and I miss him. Especially on stormy nights like tonight

Excited- Lee got her Camden Park Shirt today. She's getting super excited for her trip.

Snacked- Pretty much all I've done today. My appetite still isn't back. I had cereal earlier and a few bites of pizza tonight.

Upcoming- I added four new events to my calendar today. I found an Aerial party at a library close by that I want to take Lee too, Axle has an Athletic Banquet this week, My cousin is having a surprise bridal shower next week and Mom is hosting a cousin's day at her house next week. We stay busy!

Sporadic- My friend Rebekah and I decided today to Road Trip this weekend. Location still unknown!

Reminder- Phone calls from the hubby is just a sweet reminder that he loves me

Overwhelming- Housework and Laundry NEVER seems to be caught up around here

Sweet- Annalee napping- melts my heart

Smiles- Axle was all smiles after school today

Accomplishment- I got my legs shaved today- that's big folks!!!!

Fun- We attended an awesome event tonight that was put on by the Early Childhood Council. My kids had a blast!

We watched a magic show and Anika ended up being chosen to assist

The kids were read two Pete the Cat stories

They were served a snack

Then they made the cutest stick horses ever. Anika ended up working and helping
with the crafts!

At the end the kids had a stick horse race. Lee didn't participate but Axle loved it

Scary- These storms we are having tonight

Exhausted- Me, I'm going to bed and going to try to sleep through the thunder and lightening...eek!!!!

Night Friends

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