Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Here's a few things I caught myself wishing today!

- Wishing I had went to bed earlier last night. I just couldn't sleep though. I like to never got up this morning!

- Wishing I had remembered to buy gel yesterday! My hair was a hot mess today :)

- Wishing I had not wore my brown wedge sandals today. They about KILLED my feet

- Wishing Day Camp could last a little longer. The kids are so loving it. We have 2 more days of it and I'm so excited to see what is in store. Today was another awesome day!

Breakfast- French Toast Sticks!

Guest Speaker- She's an artist and can't use her hands!
She draws with her mouth
So inspiring!

The kids doing their own artwork!

Sidewalk Chalk with Stencils

Field Games

Making SLIME!!!!

Yummy Lunch

Making Homemade Ice Cream

Nature Walk

- Wishing that I didn't take a nap but I did- Oh well it happens!!!

- Wishing that I could afford a housekeeper. I hate cleaning house.

- Wishing that we could go nude all the time so I didn't have to do so much laundry

- Wishing that I already had everything ready for our trip this weekend but I haven't even started yet

- Wishing that my Husband wouldn't be so grumpy and get so bent out of shape over little things. He needs to learn to chill.

- Wishing I could get this tye dye out from under my fingernails

- Wishing that my kids would go to bed like normal kids. It's an all evening argument with Axle!!!

- Wishing that our friend Bobby would improve some. He's still on the ventilator so please keep the prayers coming

- Wishing that tomorrow was payday instead of Friday- I'm broke!!!!

- Wishing that I could keep my kids little forever

- Wishing that summer would slow down already. I can't believe it's almost June!

- Wishing all of you a wonderful day tomorrow!!!


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