Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Monday Wishes:

* I wish that I was a morning person. I'm doing much better but still not where I want to be. Baby Steps I suppose

* I wish Axle would get out of his "throwing fits" Behavior is one of our main goals for the summer

* I wish I had walked Monday morning. The day was just so busy I couldn't find the time

* I wish that I new how to pattern mix. I love it and think it's so cute. I tried it today and I'm not sure it went well.

* I wish SJ had a "good" friend. He took the boat to the lake today and had to go by himself. Friends are in short supply around here or good ones anway.

* I wish that more came out of our Headstart Meetings. Voicing your opinion does no good when no one wants to implement changes

* I wish I had a better appetite. Those meetings feed us great and I barely touched my food. I just wasn't hungry

* I wish that my kids could understand that they can't wear flip flops! They are forever tripping and falling in them but insist on wearing them anyway

* I wish I didn't have to run to the doctor every month just to get my prescriptions refilled. It's quite annoying.

* I wish I could keep my kids little forever so I could receive special gifts like this from school. Ax was sick Friday so he didn't get to bring it home to me until Monday. Melt my heart, I love it!

* I wish I could quit napping through the day but sometimes my body can't resist

* I wish i could afford a housekeeper- FOR REAL

* I wish I could make myself stay more active in Church. We have the best Church. We had our Evening Tea Party and it was so much fun. We made hats, ate, drank tea, watched a great skit and socialized!

* I wish ad and Ax could spend more time together. Dad kept him while us girls did the tea party and Ax had a blast. Maybe now that Dad is retired they can!

* I wish I was more of a scheduled person. It's in the works though. I will master it eventually

* I wish every kid had a teacher as great as Axle's. Today's balloon let them play "Pie in the Face" Axle only done it once, he said he didn't want pie in his face.

* I wish that I knew what was going on with Anika. She seems to be struggling

* I wish I had went to bed earlier. 11 pm is entirely to late

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