Sunday, May 1, 2016

Weekending- Savanneah Style

I can't believe it's already May 1st. April flew by it seemed. It was a busy month but a terrific one. Lets just hope May is as fabulous!

Before we skip to a whole new month though, let me tell you about our last weekend in April.

Friday was a super busy day. The majority of my day consisted of running errands, packing and loading our bags and preparing the place for a weekend away. It seriously consumed my entire day with the exception of the walk I managed to work in. I love my daily walks. In fact Friday was so busy that my boy had a Testing Kickoff Day at school and I had to miss it. If you know me, you know I never miss things like that. He had a great time though and thankfully his teacher is awesome about taking pictures.

They even invited Annalee's preschool class out to play on the inflatables and she had the best time. She told me all about it.

After school on Friday I took the kids to eat at Giovanni's. I wanted to spend some time with them before I left. Unfortunately Annalee was super hateful and threw several massive fits while we were there.

We literally went from dinner straight to the Community Center. Our church youth group was performing at a Unity Rally. Anika loves her Church family and was so sad she couldn't perform with them or stay to see them. We did visit for a bit and she got to wish them all good luck!

My two little one's stayed at the Community Center with my parent's and Sis and I headed out to catch our bus. We were scheduled to leave at 9:00 and we arrived about an hour early. There was an Applebee's nearby so we had a Blondie while we waited. The perfect way to start a girls weekend off.

Our bus pulled in at 9;00 and we got loaded up!!! It was a full bus!

The bus ride down was pretty uneventful. The bus was more comfortable than the last bus we rode. We made 3 stops overnight which Anika slept through all of them. The child seriously slept like a log all night. I on the other hand got about 3 hours of sleep. The ride down was pretty noisy because everyone was excited and talking.

Around 7:00 am we rolled into the truck stop to get ready for the day. We opted to not shower, most of us didn't. We changed our clothes and freshened up a little then boarded the bus to head on into Savannah. 20 minutes later, we arrived.

Because we arrived a bit early, nothing was really open yet. It was okay though, it gave us time to get a plan together. It also gave me time to work out a little hiccup I was having with my credit card. My company flagged it as fraud because I used it in several states overnight.

We decided to first do a Trolley Tour. It left from the Visitor Center that we were already at and was a good way to see the city. It also allowed us to Hop On and Off at our leisure until 6:00 pm.

We rode through several of the stops just taking in the sights. There was specific things we knew we wanted to do so we had to be a little choosy. The homes and museums in the area were plentiful though and I would have loved to have another day or two to explore.

We got off at Forsyth Park first. It was a definite to do for us. Oh my word, it was beautiful. My photos don't do it justice. We took our time and just strolled the park enjoying all it's beauty. It was nothing short of amazing. There was also a Farmer's Market going on in the park and we visited it too!

After Forsyth we caught the Trolley again and rode around some more!

The next place we explored was River Street. It was such a cool place. I could have literally just hung out there all day. If I lived in Savannah I could see myself spending a lot of time on River Street! The cobblestone streets were just awesome too. We ate some yummy lunch while we were there, explored and shopped. It was so fun!

Since we were trying to stay on somewhat of a schedule, after we left River Street we boarded the trolley and just rode through a few more areas looking around. I would have loved to have gotten to go into the Cathedral of St John but their was a religious service going on and it was closed!

We rode back to the Visitor's Center and hung out for about 20 minutes while we waited on a Shuttle Bus to take us to Tybee Island! The ride to Tybee was quite long and so miserable. It took forever because traffic was backed up for miles due to a Gay Pride Festival going on and the craziest man ever was on the shuttle with us. He never shut up the entire ride!

Tybee was amazing though. At this point I truly missed my babies. We waded the ocean, walked the pier, had icecream and just relaxed. Literally the ocean is my happy place.  It's just so calming!!!!!

We so wasn't ready to leave Tybee but we had to because it was the last shuttle of the day back to Savannah. The ride back was much better. The shuttle dropped us off back at the Visitor's Center. Sis and I decided just to take free transportation to City Market for dinner. Uh, bad idea. I do believe I might have gotten shot at some point if we stayed on the DOT bus. Scary people on there folks. We bailed off that sucker as fast as we got on and decided to just walk it. After about an hour of being lost we finally made it. I was so unimpressed. It was definitely NOT what I thought it would be and this can be confirmed since I did not take one single photo. We did find a great little Italian place and ate dinner but that was about it.

After dinner we headed back to the Visitor's Center to meet the bus. It arrived at 10:00 exactly and we boarded for home. It stopped 20 minutes outside of Savannah so we could all change into comfortable clothes and stopped a few times throughout the night. It was a much quieter ride home because most everyone slept. Even I slept decently.

We arrived back to our vehicle about 8:00 this morning. Sis and I got lost on the way home and cost ourselves an extra hour. When we did make it back to our county, we arrived to see there was massive flooding overnight here. We weren't affected but a lot of folks were!

Since we have been home, I've been ridiculously lazy. Sis napped for several hours and then I napped for several hours. I fed the family KFC for dinner and we pretty much just lounged around. The hubby went to the lake to try out his boat, got caught in a storm and came home in a horrible mood. I'm hoping it passes by tomorrow!

Speaking of tomorrow, I have to go to bed. It's midnight already and tomorrow it's back to the grind with a busy day ahead.

Folks we had a great ending to the month. Hope you did too


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  1. Isn't Savannah amazing? I loved River Street too. Didn't get to the island though. Some of the pictures you took were of places I visited. I got to see the house where the Girl Scouts began and that was really cool! And I walked through several of the squares (parks). It was the only way to get out of the sun. Whoever laid out that city knew what they were doing. Looks like you brought the Savannah River back with you though. Oh my the flooding looks awful! Those poor people. Glad it didn't make it to your house. Now it's time to rest up. I slept for two days after I got back from my trip last week.