Thursday, May 5, 2016

Twenty Thoughts on Thursday

Dropping in to share Twenty Thoughts that are on my mind today!!! Sounds fun, right?

1. There is only (9) days of school left. I'm totally counting down. Hey I'm not the only one, Axle's teacher is too. She has balloons hanging from the ceiling and each day the kids get to pop one. Each balloon holds a secret message and confetti. Today's message was play with sidewalk chalk, so they did. How fun is that?

2. We walked a new path today. They are in the process of building a new highway here in our county. This highway will also be the location of our new High School. We decided to check it out today. I must tell you, I  thought it might take me out. The hill was much steeper than it appeared. I made it though and actually enjoyed it.

3. I made a trip to Walmart today and bought gifts. I had to get my Mom something for Mother's Day and my cousin Maggie something for her birthday. I'm glad to have that checked off my list! I also picked up Annalee and Axle some shoes, they needed them.

4. I took Anika's dress to the dress shop today to have it steamed. Of course they couldn't do it right away so I'll have to make another trip over tomorrow to pick it up.

5. I was talking to Annalee's teacher the other day and she was telling me their art easel in their classroom broke. I started thinking about it and remembered I had one that I won a few month back from sweepstakes. It was still in the box in the closet. I had planned on using it for a gift eventually but since all the kids could use it, I decided to donate it to them. The teacher was so pleased and I was so glad I could help.

6. Annalee is only three and school about does her in. She still naps almost everyday. Today she fell asleep on our way home from Walmart. Look how precious!

7. I made a great supper this evening. I love BBQ Chicken

8. I got the kids birthday parties booked today. Their birthday's aren't until July but things book up quick around here. Axle will be having his at the County Pool this year and Annalee will be having hers at the park. We will be renting a bounce house for her. I'm glad to have them booked and on the calendar. Summer is so busy.

9. Tonight after Hubby got off work, him and Axle had a Daddy/Son  Evening. They watched Captain America or better yet, Hubby did. Axle fell asleep at the very beginning of the movie and Hubby had to wake him up to come home. I hope he isn't getting sick

10. I'm having some behavioral issues with Axle. I'm thinking he needs more structure and a better routine. It's something I'll be coming up with a plan for soon.

11. Axle's cap and gown came today. I can't wait to see him in it. Although we are holding him back this year, we still wanted him to participate in Kindergarten Graduation! We will just be doing it twice.

12. The weather here is COLD today. Okay it's in the 50's but still, I've about froze to death

13. I've gotten the laundry back under control thankfully. It piles up so quick around here. I don't even understand!

14. Anika got her nails done today. We are getting prom ready!!!

15. Tomorrow is a house cleaning day for me. I plan to clean this place from top to bottom. It's needing it something terrible.

16. I finally got the mountain of socks sorted today that was housed on top my dryer. I'm certain this will make the husband happy.

17. I bought some melatonin for Axle to try and help with his sleep. It's a pill and he outright refuses to take it. No clue what to do.

18. Hubby's been out in the garage tonight tinkering on some old weedeaters. The man is always tinkering on something.

19. Tomorrow is the last day of K-Prep testing for Axle! Thank God!!!! Having to be on time is quite hard for us.

20. Before I go, please keep a friend of mine in your prayers. Her son has cancer and is in ICU. A few hours ago her dad passed away. Her and her dad had an amazing bond. I cannot imagine the pain she is enduring right now.

Her dad and son

Let us all count our blessings friends!!!


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  1. Oh my! I am so sorry for your friend. It breaks my heart. I've already prayed for her and her family and will continue to do so. Sounds like you are always busy. Wish I could get caught up on the laundry. Where does it all come from?