Friday, May 20, 2016

This Happened

Today ALL this Happened:

* I was in a mad rush this morning to get to Annalee's School by 8:30 but I made it. 

* Annalee ACTUALLY participated in her Graduation Ceremony. That never happens. The child usually does nothing but hang to me if I'm there. It might have had something to do with the fact that she pinky promised her teacher and we told her that her pinky would fall off if she didn't do it. Yes, great parenting I know, but it worked and I was quite proud of her!

* My Anika finished up the last of her work today. She passed all her courses and is officially a Senior in High School. How did that happen? Time seriously flies.

* I went with my friend Rebekah today to take her daughter for allergy testing. I watched all the kids while they did the appointment. I swear when you put them all together, they are a wild bunch.

* We treated the kids to lunch at Dairy Cheer and Ice Cream outside in the gazebo. They loved it. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so there is no photos. It was a good time though and I ate way too much. My banana split was worth every single pound though.

* Tonight we had Youth Group at Church. The kids painted sun catchers, heard a story about grace, ate hotdogs & cake and played with hula hoops, cornhole and bubbles. They was a happy bunch. Ax and Annalee are starting to adjust to Youth Group much better!

* Tonight Anika is staying at Mom's with 2 of the girls from Church. I'm sure they  will have a blast but poor mom! She's a real trooper :)

* The hubs and kids are in the garage working. It's pouring cats and dogs outside and is supposed to the rest of the weekend. Yucky weather!

* No plans for us this weekend other than Church! First time in a long time.

* It's officially SUMMER BREAK around here and we are loving it.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!


  1. Happy Summer break!! You guys sure are busy!!

  2. telling great stories with pictures!!! i LOVE it!! enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!