Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thirty Thursday Thoughts

Just rambling tonight folks!!!

1. Today was a fun filled day for my kids. It was the Headstart Family Trip to Camden Park. It's always a ton of fun and we are allowed to purchase extra tickets so Axle and Anika got to go to.

2. The weather today was extremely nice. It actually got HOT at the Amusement Park this afternoon. We had some rain after we got home but I'm not complaining, at least it waited!

3. After dark tonight the kids and I took a ride to town. The temps had cooled off and I had my windows down. There is something about night driving with the windows down that soothes my soul.

4. Our Church is having some issues and my parent's are having an internal struggle. I know God will work it all out in his own time and I'm trying not to worry but it's hard.

5. Axle's athletic banquet was cancelled tonight due to the loss of our Little Isaiah. Our whole town is mourning and my heart is just broken for his parent's. Please continue to pray for this family.

6. Isaiah's funeral will be held at our Elem. School and they will also be holding a Celebration of Life in his honor. I'm so thankful for our small community in times like these. The outpouring of love and support is so humbling.

7. Our school was scheduled to be out on the 19th of this month but that has been pushed forward a day due to the day we missed this week for flooding. My kids don't even know so it's not a big deal for us but I bet their is some unhappy High School and Middle School Students.

8. Hubby went to the lake this morning to try the boat out once again. Really hoping it's running right by Memorial Day. Unfortunately today he couldn't even put it in the water because the water was so high. We have had a lot of rain.

9. Poor Hubby has to work all weekend and 2nd shift at that. Have I told you what a good guy he is?

10. Tonight my Mommy ordered us dinner at the Pizza Place and paid for it. I got a pretty great Mom and Dad too.

11. I shouldn't be up this late but I napped for 2 1/2 hours today. I was exhausted from the walking and the sun at the park! I'm getting old friends.

12. Is it me or is there a lot of pregnant people right now? I'm so not drinking the water! For real though, seems they are everywhere!

13. Speaking of pregnant, I can now tell you my bestie Rebekah is pregnant. She finally told her family and daughter so I'm finally allowed to tell. I got to admit, I'm super excited!

14. I didn't do any cleaning till 10:00 tonight and then it was just a quick straightening. I'm slacking on housework and laundry. I just stay so busy though and really, who wants to clean instead of being outdoors.

15. Both of my kids did good while we were at the park today. Lee threw a tantrum or two but nothing major. Axle was a saint right up until time to come home and then he went into his angry mode. He ended up napping a bit and it helped him but he was still moody pretty much all evening. I'm still researching and racking my brain on ways to help him better express his emotions.

16. It's official, Anika's friend is allowed to go with us on vacation. This made for two very happy teenagers.

17. Speaking of teenagers, trying to understand them is literally impossible. I do my best but it seems Anika is so up and down. I'm praying it's just hormones.

18. I can't believe my Anika will be 18 this year. It's our hopes to celebrate her big birthday at Disney this year. She only has 1 more year of High School left and she will graduate. I sent her this today. She definitely needs it for graduation. It's so her!

19. My calendar for the rest of May looks insane. Not going to lie, June looks about as busy!

20. I'm still pondering on taking mom on a trip for her birthday. I need to talk to my daddy about it

21. Speaking of pondering, I have a semi summer schedule in the works. It's important to me that my kids have somewhat of a structured summer. I'm a very unstructured person so let's see if I can pull it off.

22. Summer is definitely on it's way. Look what came today for the 1st time this year. I had some happy kiddos.

23. Yikes, I just realized today is Friday the 13th and yes I might be a bit superstitious!

24. My To Do List is a mile long. Actually it's what I call a "Brain Dump". It's just a running list of ideas I have and things that need done. I'm not marking many off lately though.

25. Speaking of needing done, I'm behind on my photo books I make! I got to get on that.

26. Here I am telling you all about the things I need done and guess what I'm doing this weekend. I'm taking a road trip and like a for real road trip. We are leaving out tomorrow with no destination. It is going to be child led. Do you know what that means? It means from the time we pull out tomorrow until Sunday morning the kids will choose left, right, straight, etc at each intersection and that is the way we will go. Who knows how far we will get or where we will end up but I bet it's going to be a blast. We will visit Visitor Centers for things to do, explore areas that appeal to us, eat where we want and sleep in a hotel when we are tired. Two nights and three days on the open road. The opportunites are endless. I'm just so glad I have a friend who enjoys doing things like that with me!

27. I won't be blogging again until Monday- You will miss me I'm sure :)

28. Well friends it's time for me to update my calendar and then head to bed

29. Hope y'all have a great weekend

30. Happy Friday the 13th



  1. Such a lot of stuff you've been up to! You are one busy lady. I've never done a road trip but it sounds like fun. You will have to let us know where you end up.

    Camden Park looks fantastic! It looks like a place I would like to go to. Not a lot of scary rides.

    Sorry your church is having some issues. Believe me when I say I know what that is like. Been there, done that. I will be praying that everything gets straightened out. Sometimes God just leads us to another place and sometimes He uses us to fix things. I'll also be keeping the family of little Isaiah in my prayers. So sad.

    Have a good weekend. I'm looking forward to pictures when you get back.

  2. Looks like you have lots of fun!
    Sorry to hear about the church issues. We've been through it too and it's so hard, but we've grown spiritually during those times.
    So sorry about the passing of Isaiah - praying for his family.