Monday, May 23, 2016

Summer Camp Day 1

I'll fair warn you, the kids have Summer Camp this week so expect to see a lot of photos!

Today was Day 1 of Summer Camp. It's a week long camp 5 hours per day. It's put on by our local extension office. Parent's are not required to stay but are welcome too. I of course  stayed with mine. I'm just that mom.

Camp started at 9:00 this morning with a breakfast for the kids. They were served Pop Tarts and their choice of milk or juice. Both of my kids actually ate pretty well.

After breakfast they moved outside and chose groups. My Anika is a Team Leader this week. She receives Community Service Hours for it. Annalee and Axle were both grouped with her. Their first group task was to come up with a group name and make a team flag. They decided on The Wolves

Next on the agenda was Team Building Skills! They had sack races, scooter races and relay races. Lee wasn't feeling it and didn't participate but Axle sure did!

After all that work, it was time for a lesson. The kids were taught about foods and what is good for your body! Each kid was given a plate with food from each food group and encouraged to try it!

Next up was lunch time. The kids all received Pizza, French Fries and an Icee along with Milk. They even made Ham and Cheese Sandwiches and Chips for us parent's which was so super nice.

After lunch they had a speaker about Bicycle Safety. It was very informative and the kids really did pay attention to him. After he spoke the kids were taken outside to ride bikes and were all fitted for a new helmet. Ax rode his without training wheels and I was so proud. Lee decided she definitely wanted to ride a bike and she did awesome! The best part, every child took home their bicycle helmet to keep!!!

It was at this point my camera went dead because I forgot to charge it. Ugh, drives me crazy!!!!

Anyway, after the bike training, they moved on to crafts where they filled balloons with flour and made stress balls. I looked like the Pillsbury Doughboy by the time it was over. It was cute though and the kids liked it. They also had a Hula Hoop Contest in which neither of my kids did very well. They are like their mom when it comes to Hula Hooping!

The remainder of the day was spent outside where they served refreshments and did more relay races. My kids had the best day and cannot wait to go back tomorrow!!!!

I talked to my husband on our way home today. He had already left for work. I'll not see him any this week because he is on 2nd shift. He's okay with it though, he loves for the kids to be happy and active. He did inform me that our friend who had the Heart Attack yesterday is now off the vent and breathing on his own. Praise God!!!!

We got home a bit after 2 and had MANDATORY quiet time which my kids spent watching television and I spent resting!!! Anika spent quiet time bathing and getting all prettied up AGAIN!!!! My rest ended up being a 2 hour nap, story of my life.

When I woke up I realized I was supposed to be at my Mom's at 5:00 for dinner. I was late but I made it. Mom fixed a huge dinner of Soup Beans, Cornbread, Fried Potatoes, Killed Lettuce and Onions & Porkchops. Oh my it was lip smacking good. I brought Hubs a plate home to eat tomorrow since I'll be gone. I know he's going to appreciate it.

We stayed at Mom's till almost 9:00 tonight. The kids played in the yard and games on the computer. I got some time with Mom and Dad, checked out all Mom's gorgeous flowers and Daddy's garden & took a walk with the 76 year old neighbor lady. It was a fantastic evening!

After we got home both kiddos got a bath and I cleaned up the house a little. I'm getting ready to head to bed in a few! We got another full day of fun tomorrow! Hope y'all have a GREAT week!!!



  1. Wow! What an awesome day! I can't wait to hear about the rest of your week.

  2. That summer camp looks amazing!! Dinner with Mom is a treat that can't be beat!!