Sunday, May 22, 2016

Simple Sunday

A is for Alone Time- I took a walk with my friend Rebekah today. It was just us, no kids! Sometimes you just need that alone time to clear your mind!

B is for Bonfire Party- Anika had a good time last night and made it home in one piece. It definitely wasn't chaperoned like I would have chaperoned it but I guess she's at the age she's got to have a little free reign to make decisions

C is for Church- Church was good today. Both my little one's went with me. Ax usually never goes so this made my heart happy. The singing was wonderful and although the preacher wasn't my favorite, the message was good. The crowd was up today too so that is a great thing.

D is for Dinner- I made BBQ Chicken and sides tonight. It was quite tasty

E is for Excited- I'm going to a wedding Friday and I'm so excited. My youngest cousin is getting married!

F is for Friend- I so need to call and chat with my bestie Christie. It's been way too long. I just stay so busy.

G is for Go Kart- Axle rode his Go Kart today. I swear he scares me to death on that thing. Being a boy mom is hard!

H is for Houskeeping- Not a lot of it been going on around here this weekend. I so got to crack down this week but I've  got a plan!

I is for Inflatable- I've finally got the kids birthday party locations figured out, their theme's chosen and even got Annalee's Inflatable reserved for her party.

J is for Jelly- My son has found a new found love for red (strawberry) jelly. He is the pickiest kid ever so every new discovery is a big deal!

K is for Kids- The kids have played outside all day. They were a muddy mess this evening. I'll never get Annalee's dress clean

L is for Late Night- It's a late night for us tonight. After my evening walk I came home to find out a friend of ours had a heart attack and they flew him out. Hubby and I drove down to the hospital (over an hour away) to check on him. He's in ICU and they have him on a vent. They have already done surgery and hopefully tomorrow can get him off the ventilator. Please remember him in your prayers.

M is for Mistake- So I went to purchase gas and some other items today, swiped my debit card and the gal said it was declined! This process went on a bit until the owner (who I know luckily) told me to just go ahead and pay him tomorrow. Good thing since I'd already pumped the gas. Came home tonight and checked my online account to see what was going on. It shows the money was actually debited from my account so apparently it did work! Guess I'll try to clear it up in the morning

N is for No Sleep- I got zero sleep last night. For some reason I let my husbad talk me into sleeping out in the little building of ours with him and the kids. We slept on an inflatable air matress which kept deflating. About 3 am I came in, got extra bedding and moved to the couch out there! Never again for this gal.

O is for Odor- I think there is something dead under my house. The odor is horrible! Hubby won't climb under there and check either because he's afraid of snakes!

P is for Plans- Tomorrow we will be going to our 1st day of Summer Camp. It's a week long camp and is 5 hours per day. I have no idea what we will be doing but I'm  hoping the kids have an absolute blast.

Q is for Quiet Time- I'm hoping to implement quiet time into the kids summer schedule. Wish me luck, my kids don't know what quiet time is

R is for Razor- The guy SJ traded with never brought the Razor (side by side) over like he said. The whole situation is a little fishy to me. We shall see I suppose!

S is for Sunshine- Finally today the sun was shining. It's been a beautiful day

T is for Trees- More trees came down today. My husband is obsessed with his chainsaw!

U is for Unfair- It seems unfair that women have to suffer with PMS!!! I seriously think this once a month!

V is for Vacation Bible School- We have our worker meeting May 5th- so excited!

W is for Weedeating- Axle got to try out the weedeater for the first time today. He felt like a big man!

X is for X-ray- I seriously am thinking I need an X-ray on my shoulder. It's been killing me now for almost 2 weeks. Even my muscle relaxers aren't helping it.

Y is for Yay- Both kids are already asleep. I worried they wouldn't go to sleep for Anika while we were gone but they did thankfully.

Z is for ZZZ's- I'm off to bed, nighty night!

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  1. I laughed when I saw you had a plan for your housework. I just made a plan for mine yesterday. Something has to give around here and I'm tired of it being me. This house has to get clean!

    Happy Summer break! I know you are going to have an awesome summer.