Monday, May 9, 2016

Prom 2016

If you have a teenage girl who goes to prom, you know how insanely crazy prom day is. Well that was our Saturday.

Our morning started fairly early. SJ and the kids cut some grass while I prepared for a day of drama filled teenage moments!

One of Anika's friends had spent the night Friday night and was already here The other I had to meet in town at 10:00 am and pick up. The girls wanted to get ready together since none of them were taking dates. While we were out, I had to swing by the florist and pick up Anika's flowers too. We are very lucky that my best friend Christie makes her flowers for us every year, free of charge. She always does a beautiful job and this year was no exception!

The girls primped around pretty much up until time for Anika's hair appointment and I cleaned house while the little one's played.

At 1:30 we loaded up and headed to town. Anika had a hair appointment so the kids and I decided to meet Rebekah and take a walk. Well, that didn't turn out as planned! First Lee peed on herself in the truck and I had to go buy her an outfit and then we realized she didn't have shoes in the truck like we thought she did. We ended up not walking and just playing on the playground instead!

Anika called when she finished up and we went and got her. Her hair was simple this year but very cute!

She requested an 18 inch pizza for her prom dinner so we went and got her one. We came home and  everyone ate and then Lee and I got ready for the evening while the girls touched up their makeup and changed into their dresses.

By the time we got ready to head out for photos, it was raining. Ax and Hubby weren't going with us so we did the best we could and got some of them on the front porch with her.

We decided to do photos at my Mom's again this year. We did them there last year and they turned out amazing! Thankfully when we got there the ran had stopped!

From Mom's we headed on out to the lodge where prom was being held. It was packed as usual and was a sea of glamour! Everyone looked amazing. Anika walked through the Grand March with a boy she goes to Youth Group with. He is 5th grade and was one cool kid that night! It was so sweet! Grand March was long and Lee got very impatient but we made it to the end!

Prom started and we left and came back home. It was well after 9 when we got here. Lee was exhausted and so was Ax. Him and SJ had been outside all evening. We went out and looked at the new chicken coop hubby built for the baby chicks and then I laid down with the kids. They were out pretty quick!

At 11:00 pm I headed back out to pick the girls up. It was a long drive that late at night and it was during a ridiculous thunderstorm. I got them around midnight and they seemed to have a good time. By the time I got the other girl took home and dropped off and then got home myself, it was well after 2:00 am. I was absolutlely exhausted. We all went straight to bed!!!!

Prom 2016 is now in the books!!!!

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