Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Please Pray

For Today- May 11, 2016

Outside my Window- It's dark but a clear night. Thankful it's not storming like last night.

I am Thinking- About how much I did NOT get accomplished today. The kids were off school due to flooding and my schedule just went out the window.

I am Thankful- For a mommy break today. Anika watched the kids for me for a bit so I could go to the store. I've just had an "off" day. I've felt sad and depressed and tuned out life today. On days like this my kids can really drive me absurd. 

In the Kitchen- The counters need cleaned off and the dinner dishes put in the sink

I am Wearing- Grey sweat shorts and an Addidas tee

I am Creating- A list of local places I want to visit

I am Going- To have to go to bed and hold Axle soon because he isn't going to go to sleep until I do

I am Wondering- How I'll ever keep Axle occupied this summer. I've got so many things I need to work on them with this summer but behavior is at the top of our list. Axle does so much better if he doesn't have a lot of down time so keeping him busy is going to be key!

I am Reading- A blog here and there but nothing steady. I apologize but I just cannot find the time

I am Hoping- That the rain holds off tomorrow for our Camden Park trip! Fingers crossed

I am Looking Forward To: School being out

I am Hearing- The AC's been so stuffy in here the last few nights that I've had to turn it on

Around the House- There is so much work needing done. I'm trying not to dwell on it though. One day at a time!

I am Pondering- On what to wear tomorrow- Shorts, Capri Pants or Jeans

I am Feeling- Tired, I need to go to bed soon

One of my favorite things today- Getting to chat with my friend Trish for a few minutes

Plans for the Rest of the Week-

Thursday- Camden Park & Athletic Banquet
Friday- Sunday- Roadtrip

A Photo I'm Sharing-

Little Isiah lost his battle to cancer at 8:01 this morning
His Mom just buried her dad last week
He is their only child

Night Friends

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