Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day

We had planned to go to the lake for Mother's Day and cookout but unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate. We had a great day anyway though!

* The kids and Hubby gave me the most thoughtful, sweetest gift ever! My grandma had two big pots she kept by her steps at her house before she passed. She had them for years. My crew took those pots, planted me flowers in them and surprised me with them sitting by my steps. I thought I might cry!

* Anika always does her own special thing for Mother's Day and this year she bought me a beautiful boquet and an absolutely perfect card. She is the best!

* Anika, Annalee and I spent the morning at Church with my Mom and Dad. It was a great service and we enjoyed it so much! I also won a gorgeous pot of flowers for being the youngest mom!

* After Church I picked up Axle and we went to visit with Mommy! We had Chicken n Dumplings with her, gave her gifts to her and just spent the day being thankful we still have her in our lives!

* Anika treated me to a nice afternoon nap with the husband while she watched the little two. It had been a long time since him and I napped together so it was much appreciated!

* Sunday night Hubby grilled us up some hotdogs for dinner! They were quite delicious!

* The rest of our night was spent just lounging around and enjoying each other's company! It was quite a treat.

I definitely felt like one blessed momma
So thankful for my beautiful family!!!

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