Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Midweek Confessions

I Confess: That I slept in this morning and it felt good. Unfortunately, I'm not tired tonight. It's a vicious cycle!

I Confess: That I went to the store today and realized how difficult this next week is going to be financially. Trips always set us back. I guess I should have buyers remorse but I totally don't.

I Confess: The laundry is taking over again. I got a little done today but not a lot. It's a never ending battle!

I Confess: I'm so glad the kids only have 3 days of school left. WooHoo for Summer Break :)

I Confess: Our school system is insane. Between the recent issues with trips, the fact that they keep moving graduation, the lack of supplies for our students, the reality that we have no real High School and the list goes on...it's just absurd.

I Confess: This whole gender neutral bathroom deal disgusts me. I'm not one to post my opinions much but good gracious world, get a grip!

I Confess: That I didn't vote today. Why you ask? It's simple, there all winners

I Confess: That seeing a new Christian School would be opening in our county kind of excited me. While I have no intention of moving my children until after Elementary School, I may send them there starting Middle School. Our elementary schools here are awesome. After that, not so much

I Confess: That my kids woke today asking where we were going and what we were doing. While it might not mean much to you,  it was a big deal to me. Ax has went from living on Youtube and not leaving the house to no Youtube and being a social butterfly.

I Confess: Today was my recovery day from our trip. I've been pretty lazy.

I Confess: I hated to miss my cousin's bridal shower tonight but I was just too tired. Sis went with my Mom though and I'm sure they had a blast! 

I Confess: Parenting is so gross!!!!!

I Confess: I might have gotten a bit too annoyed with Lee today when she poured a whole bottle of soda on my notebooks and calendar. Those things I'm a little OCD about!

I Confess: That I have high hopes of visiting new places monthly. Today I found this awesome place and I think I need to go ASAP!!!!!!

I Confess: That I'm so proud of my dad. He came to visit us today and told me he would be ordained the first Sunday in June!

I Confess: That too much down time is NOT good for my kids!!! They were wild today. A summer schedule is a must for us.

I Confess: That the Mexican Cornbread I made today was too hot!!! I could barely eat it

I Confess: That I have no clue why my husband is enjoying cutting trees so much but he really is. I'm not going to question it!

I Confess: That my son is quite difficult. I know he suffers from Sensory Processing Disorder although he hasn't been diagnosed. The simplest things like pulling a splinter out of his foot today can turn into a World War! I have so much patience with him and for that I'm so thankful. Hubby has trouble understanding it all though.

I Confess: All this cold weather and ran is annoying. I want Summer please!

I Confess: I took a long hot bath tonight and it felt amazing

I Confess: That only having one debit card is a pain. I had to go to town in my pajamas tonight to the ATM

I Confess: I love the sounds of laughing while the kids and hubby play- BLESSED!!!

I Confess; I've got a few things to do before bed so I should call it a night

I Confess: The week ahead is going to be busy! Wish me luck :)

Happy Hump Day Y'all

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  1. Happy Hump Day to you! Hope you had a good weekend. You are always so busy. That waterfall looks amazing.