Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mid Week Confessions

Here is post number 2 for the day! I'm all caught up now and will sleep well tonight! For today I thought I'd share some Confessions with you!


* I am counting down the days till school is out. Ax is struggling every single morning with getting up and going. It's a never ending battle with him. I'll be so relieved to get a break from it for a few months.

* I love walking. I would have never thought I'd enjoy it so much but I really do. Today's walk was just the local bike trail but still enjoyable.

* I worry about my friend Rebekah, just trying to keep positive thoughts

* I was kind of sad that today was our last Headstart Parent Meeting until next school year. I mean I'm still on a bunch of committees and stuff during the summer but I kind of enjoy the parent meetings.

* I'm as excited as Annalee to go to Camden Park. I'm such a big kid. It's official though, we bought our tickets today.

* I finally marked "clean up yardsale stuff" off my to do list! It had been piled up at my granny's forever. I went and loaded it all up today and donated it to a local thrift store!

* I love being a mommy and I so love getting things like this. My girl made this for me today at school.

* I went to the thrift store today browsing around. I hit the jackpot on summer dresses for Annalee!

* I'm a little worried about money this week. We have had SO many school expenses and traveling expenses

* Hubs and I are in dire need of a date night

* I had a crazy dream last night and it's annoyed me all day today

* I was glad to hear Axle's X-ray was okay except for constipation. They put him on medicine so hopefully it will help.

* The laundry was really piling up again but I got it back under control today

* I was heartbroken to come home and find no Rice Krispie Treats. Anika was supposed to be making them and didn't have enough marshmallows. They are my favorite too!!!!!

* I love when husband calls me on his way home from work. Makes me know he's thinking of me

* I'm kinda sick of rain...blah its all it's done

* My Annalee is the messiest kid in the entire world. I think she spends her whole day trying to figure out what she's going to mess up

* My kids hate's a job just keeping them dressed

* My teenager told me today she hoped to be 1/2 as cool as a mom as I am. Melt my heart :)

* I'm a good cook if I have to say so myself

* I love these photos of Axle's class today. They are doing a balloon countdown till the end of school. They pop a balloon each day and it has a message in it. Today they went barefoot all day in class!

* I'm hoping they don't change my cousin Maggie's birthday party from Friday to Saturday. I can't go Saturday :(

* My hubby is outside cutting brush. Apparently it's a new hobby of his

* Lee is in the tub and Ax is heading that way. It's almost time to call it a night around here and I am NOT complaining!

Happy Hump Day Friends
May the 4th be with You!!!!


  1. I had a crazy scary dream last night too!!What is up with that. I love the Mother's Day card that says I love you to pieces. I will keep it in mind for next year.

  2. Except for getting Ax up for school it sounds like you had a good day. I hate those crazy scary dreams. Fortunately I haven't had one in a long time.

  3. We are counting down the days, too (19). I can’t wait to spend so much time with Mason. And to have just ‘us’ time. We keep his little friend every afternoon after school and it’s been a challenge for us. Mason and I both crave our time of just us. Camden Park sounds fun!!