Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May Road Trip

As I told you in my last post, we set out on a road trip on Friday. We let the kids miss school and we hit the open road with NO destination. The kids chose the course of the trip by choosing left or right at each intersection. They ended up heading us towards West Virginia! I must say, I was a little disappointed BUT ends up they new what they were doing after all.

The first day of the trip was lots of driving and lots of stops at parks along the way.

 The capitol building in WV

The drive  was a beautiful one

 At a park out by New River

 I could NOT get enough of these amazing flowers!!!!

 Look at those mountains!

We made it into Lexington VA on Day 1 and decided to get a room. Unfortunately, everything was booked due to a college graduation so we ended up driving to a little town called Stauton, VA. We lucked out and found a Days Inn with vacancies! We were all exhausted so we got settled in our room and went to bed!

The next morning we took advantage of their complementary breakfast and we even used their awesome playground before leaving. Breakfast overlooking a beautiful valley was definitely nothing to complain about!

After eating and playing, we hit the road and drove quite a big. Us grown ups had decided our destination at this point but we weren't telling the kiddos! We had lunch at a Sheetz and then dinner at a pizza place! We also stopped at a cool little community park to let the kids run out some energy!

I fell in love with this little town!

A rest stop at the park!

 Dinner- It was okay food and not real expensive!

It was our plan to drive on into Virginia Beach that night BUT again there was no vacancies so we ended up crashing at an Econo Lodge in Norfolk, VA. Not got a good thing to say about the place! The beds were like rocks!!! We were all exhausted though so we hit the hay when we got there!

Sunday morning we were up bright and early having complimentary breakfast at the hotel

We hit the road shortly afterwards! We had booked our Oceanfront Hotel the night before and knew we couldn't check in until 2:00 so we decided to check out the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel first. It was a very cool experience but 30.00 was quite costly in my opinion! Regardless, it was worth it to see it. I'm just not sure I'd do it again!

Since we had time to kill, we decided to visit a beach on the Eastern Shore! We chose Cape Charles because it was the closest. It was someone none of us had ever been too! It was a cute little town but not touristy at all. We had lunch at a gorgeous spot in the sand and the kids had a blast splashing around in the water even though it was quite cool out!

We loaded back up and made our way to Virginia Beach! We stayed at the Breakers in an Oceanfront room! I was quite pleased with it. As soon as we checked in and walked to the balcony, the kids saw people riding Surrey Bikes along the boardwalk. Needless to say that was the first thing we did! Can I just tell you they are harder to pedal than you might think. We were exhausted!!!! The kids had a blast though and we even found a playground for them on the beach! How fun is that?

After 2 hours of surrey riding, Anika almost running us into oncoming traffic, Rebekah almost turning us over and me peeing my pants, we thought it was time for a break! We returned the surrey and went to our room. We ordered pizza for the kids for dinner, done a load of laundry, ate and rested!

Our kiddos were determined to swim regardless of the cool weather. We were so thankful the outdoor pool was heated. It literally felt like bath water and they had an absolute blast!!!!

We ended our night with some splashing on the beach and walking the strip. It might have been the kids favorite part of the trip and I know it was mine!

We all slept like kings that night from the full day we had PLUS the beds were just amazing.

Monday morning it was tempting to just stay another night but I knew I needed a day of recovery before the rest of the busy week happened. We gathered our belongings, ordered a hearty breakfast in the room, snapped some photos and said goodbye to the beach! It was a little sad!

Our trip home took about 12 hours but of course we stopped several times. I also demanded that we take a different route home than we came. I always try to do different routes, it keeps it interesting.

We found the coolest park EVER in Virginia called Mount Trashmore. We could've stayed there forever!

We also visited a place called Lover's Leap. The view was magnificent and if you walked a wee bit over the hill you found a grave site! I'll definitely be looking up the story on this place!

It was 10:40 before we made it home last night and we were all overly tired. I came home to a clean house though thanks to my hubby. We talked to him a few minutes before he went to bed and we all followed shortly after.

A fabulous May trip in the books!!!

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