Thursday, May 19, 2016

Little Man's Day

This morning was all about my Little Man. He had his Kindergarten Graduation today. That means he is officially out of school for the summer. Lee will have her graduation tomorrow and Anika will finish up tomorrow too. Welcome Summer Break!!!

This year my Axle had the best teacher humanly possible and the assistant was no less. We are so lucky to have gotten to experience this first year of school with them. Although we opted to retain Axle to Kindergarten again next year, it is no reflection on his teacher. He has came leaps and bounds forward and I'm confident another year with her next year will do nothing more than push him ahead!

Due to the fact that he is being retained, we had the option of not doing graduation. This mommy said NO WAY!!!! My boy worked too hard and not doing graduation would be like punishing him. So we did it full force today, class ring, photos and all!

When we arrived this morning it looked like a huge party was taking place. Every desk had a Congratulations Balloon hooked to it. Their desks were lined with keepsakes and gifts including a framed graduation photo of them and a picture album with their pictures from events all throughout the year. I told you, awesome teacher! It was quite an exciting time!

Graduation itself was held in the gym of the school. We got awesome seats which I was super happy about. Graduation started off with the kids walking in and getting seated. Afterwards each kid recited a nursery rhyme. Axle's was "Jack Be Nimble" and he did awesome. He had practiced it multiple times so he had it down pat. For a boy who wouldn't even speak to anyone at the beginning of this year to one who played basketball and recited a nursery rhyme in front of an entire audience, I am one proud mom! After the nursery rhymes, they sang Lean on Me which was darling and then diplomas were handed out. It was such a fun program!

After graduation the kids had the option of staying the remainder of the day or leaving. Of course, mine opted to come home. His Nan had told him he could come visit her today and spend the night so he was raring to go. We gathered all his belongings from his class and told everyone bye. We will see his teacher tomorrow though when we pick up his report card!

We only got a few minutes at home before Nan called ready to meet me and pick him up. I did get my pics downloaded though and his clothes hunted out in that time. We met her at Rite Aid and off they went. I spent some time in town buying teacher's gift while Annalee hung out with Anika! Anika was finishing up some more school work.

Since he had a Teacher and an Aid to buy for and Annalee did too, I ended up getting them all the same thing! They each got a cooler with a beach towel, ice pack, cup, candy and card inside! I think they turned out cute! We will deliver them tomorrow. I hope they like them!

I came home and fixed the gals some lunch. Anika had her normal Spaghetti Noodles and Cheese & Lee and I split a frozen pizza!

At 1:00 I had to run Anika to town to get her nails done. Lee asked her to do them in purple so she did! She says they are 80's Inspired!

I spent the remainder of the day getting the house cleaned up. It needed it. We were supposed to go to a Mermaid Party at the library but decided not too. The day has just been too busy. 

Anika had a hair appointment this evening so she got ready for that. Little Lee spent a lot of her day drawing. The child loves to draw. She just might be an artist! Mom took Anika to her hair appointment since she needed to go to Lowe's and Walmart. I got to admit, I was glad. I really didn't want to sit 3 hours and wait for her.

I fixed dinner this evening for the Hubby. It was a simple dinner, just Hamburger Helper but he didn't complain. Lee has ran in and out enjoying the pretty weather. Too bad it's short lived and rain is setting in over the weekend. I should've checked a number of things off my to do list this evening but frankly I've just been too lazy!

Anika called around 9 to tell me to meet her. Her hair looks really good. She went much darker. I didn't get a pic tonight but I'll do it tomorrow and show you. For now you just have to take my word for it.

Hubby informed me tonight he traded the boat off. I have no clue why. I think the full moon makes him nuts or something!

He is sleeping with Lee in Anika's bed tonight and Anika is sleeping with me. Anika has been complaining of chest pains this evening so I want to keep an eye on her. Guess I'll go crawl in the bed with her now. 

Tomorrow's another busy one foks


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  1. how can this be possible?? when did this happen, i remember when he was sooooo very little!!! what a fun day for everyone, i enjoyed your post, i know these take a long time to put together!!!

    no comment on those nails ;)