Monday, May 2, 2016

Happy Monday

For Today: May 2, 2016

Outside my Window: It's dark and wet. We have had a TON of rain. Today we got some pretty hefty thunderstorms

I am Thinking: About the long list of things I need to do. One day at a time is my new life motto though so I'll get around to them eventually

I am Thankful: For my friends. I don't have many but those that I do have are quite amazing

I am Wearing: Pallazzo Pants and a Tee- Super Comfortable :)

I am Creating: Memory Books of all the important events in our lives

I am Going: To fold laundry after this post

I am Wondering: Why Axle decided to go with Sis to Mom's tonight to spend the night. He rarely ever wants to go!

I am Reading: A blog here and there. I just can't find the time :(

I am Hoping: To get a lot accomplished tomorrow! We shall see

I am Learning: To love myself. It's a work in progress

I am Pondering: On a surprise trips for my Mom for her Birthday

In my Kitchen: There is Taco Salads still waiting on the Hubby since he's been outside all evening!

I am Praying: For a dear friend whose son is critical. He has cancer and his heart has stopped several times today from the medication. They put a chest tube in trying to drain the fluid from his lungs but so far have been unsuccessful. It that isn't enough, her father passed away a few hours ago. Please lift them up in prayer.

A few Plans for the Rest of the Week:

Tomorrow Anika has testing at school, I plan to walk and get some things marked off my To Do List

Wednesday I have a Parent Meeting to attend

Thursday I have to take Anika's dress to get it pressed

Friday we have a Birthday Party

Saturday Anika has Prom

Sunday is Mother's Day

A Peek Into Our Day

Happy Monday Guys!!!!

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