Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Feeling- Overwhelmed with all I need to accomplish before the weekend. I'll be sitting down and doing a brain dump tonight. I got to get it all on paper and out of my head!

Hearing- Willow barking and I wish she would hush!!!! She's the oddest dog ever

Loving- Day Camp and so are the kids. They are having a blast this week. I cannot wait to see what is in store for tomorrow!!!! Here is some photo's of today's activities!

Breakfast- Cereal and Juice!!!

Outdoor Free Play

Food & Nutrition- Wheats!!!

 Planting Cucumbers

 Practicing Balance!!!!

Planting Sunflowers in the Greenhouse!

Playing Parachute Games

Learning all about Bee Keeping!!

Taste Testing Strawberry & Watermelon Salsa
and Preparing for Lunch!!!

Sidewalk Chalk and Duck Duck Goose

Learning some new Camp Songs!!!

Team Building Games

Needing- To call my Momma, take a shower, lay out clothes for tomorrow and do a little planning!

Wondering- Why Anika is so preoccupied lately. Do you ever quit worrying about your children

Wishing- I was a witche and could twitch my nose & my house would be clean. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Thankful- For being able to be a Stay at Home Mom and experience so many awesome things with my babies.

Praying- For our friend Bobby. He had another heart attack last night and is back in ICU and on the vent. So worried about him.

Realizing- I should have wore gloves to the Tye Dye Event tonight. It was awesome by the way and Axle had the absolute best time. He was totally serious about painting his shirt.

Planning- To attend the Floyd County Library very often. It's about a 1/2 hour away and that is where the Tye Dye Event was tonight. It is an AMAZING library. The whole top floor is a kids area complete with an indoor tree house. They host lots of awesome events and we will definitely be visiting much more often now that we know how cool it is!

Excited For- The rest of the week at Day Camp, My Cousin's Wedding on Friday & Camping all through Memorial Day Weekend!

Spending- Lots of time outside!!! Our last part of our day was playing outside and eating popsicles. It's been a fun, amazing, jam packed day!

Going- To call my Momma, do a little planing and going to bed. Tomorrow is ANOTHER seriously busy day. Welcome to our life in the Summer!!!

Happy Tuesday Friends,


  1. Another wonderful day! You are having an awesome week. I want to be able to twitch my nose and have my house clean too.

  2. Loving this!! Jealous that your summer has started already! So much fun!! Will be praying for your friend. And that twitch of the nose for cleaning?!? YES!!!