Wednesday, May 4, 2016

ABC Tuesday!!!

I have some catching up to do so I'll be posting twice today. I don't really like to do that but I also HATE being behind!  Here is how our Tuesday went down Alphabetical Style!!!!

A is for Anika- She is getting prom ready. We went to mom's and picked up her dress. We will be taking it to have it pressed this week. She also spent her day picking out nail designs!

B is for Bucketlist- I hadn't done one in months so I decided to hop back on the bandwagon this month.

C is for Cemetery- We went to the cemetery this evening to celebrate my Grandpa's Birthday. We sang to him and then sent him some balloons to heaven!

D is for Dinner- I fixed a big dinner yesterday and literally Annalee and I were the only two who eat. So annoying!

E is for Excited- I picked up a very excited Annalee today. She came running at me with her field trip permission form to go to Camden Park next week. She loves Amusement Parks!

F is for Friend- Anika had a guy friend come down yesterday and visit. Then they went to Mom's for pizza. I like him so much better than the last!

G is for Goodwill- I got some great deals for all of us today!!!

H is for Headache- I took a splitting headache around 6 yesterday evening and by 9 last night I just had to go to bed. I couldn't take it any longer!

I is for Interested- There is an upcoming Wildflower Hike I'm interested in going on. I'm still waiting to hear back if it's kid friendly or not

J is for Jeans- I noticed today I'm in desperate need for a few new pair of denim jeans but I cannot bring myself to buy them. I'm just too summer ready.

K is for Kids- Sometimes mine can be so sweet

L is for Lazy- I literally just took it easy all evening yesterday evening, I wasn't able to do much else.

M is for Mess- Lee made a horrible mess. She decided to mix ALL of my spices together in a suitcase and then add a bowl of water to it. I could've killed her.

N is for Nap- I totally needed a nap but I didn't get one

O is for Outside- My husband spent his whole evening outside. Like I literally never even saw him. I was asleep before he ever came in. He's been killing himself trying to get the boat lined out.

P is for PTO- Our Elementary is starting a PTO and I'm so excited about it

Q is for Quiet Time- At one point all three kids were gone yesterday and I must admit it was very nice to listen to nothing but the silence.

R is for Rain- We have had SO MUCH rain....I'm ready for it to go away!!!!

S is for Socializing- My next door neighbor came down yesterday evening and hung out with me for awhile. It was nice talking to her.

T is for Testing- Anika had to go to the school today to do her end of course testing. She said it was very difficult

U is for Upcoming- We have so many upcoming events. My agenda for May looks insane! I'm so excited though, I love busy!!!!

V is for Vacation- I'm ready for another one and I just got back!!!

W is for Walk- We did a new trail this morning out at a new lake. I love to explore. You put me by water and I'm one happy gal :)

X is for X-ray- I called to get Axle's X-ray results today and they still hadn't read them. We are still waiting

Y is for Yummy- Mom sent onions from the garden home with me. I love garden food!!!!

Z is for Zombies- My son has recently became obsessed with zombies!!!

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