Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thursday in a Nutshell

Today I:

Slept- A little later than anticipated. This has been a crazy busy week. We were still up by 8:15 though so I think we are doing awesome!

Attended- Day Camp with my babies! It was another awesome day. Tomorrow is the last day of it and I'm kind of sad. Tomorrow is water day though so I know it will be a blast!

We had a guest speaker
He's a Science Teacher

We engineered our own race cars out of mouse traps
Such a fun idea!

 Lunch Time

 Learning camp songs

These guys brought in the coolest robot ever to show us

 Food and Nutrition Learning

Playing an awesome game although I don't recall the name of it 

Was Glad- The hubby slept till noon. He needed the extra rest!

Appreciated- Anika helping me around the house and watching the kids for a bit. She's such a good girl.

Decorated- My Granny's grave with my Mom and Dad. It looked beautiful. This day 2 years ago I was at the lake with my Granny and today I decorated her grave. Things change so quickly.

2 Years ago today

Decorated her grave today :(

Washed- Tons of laundry and I do mean tons

Packed- Our camping stuff and boy is it a job!

Am Thankful- For being blessed with so many amazing people in my life

Was Relieved- To find out our friend Bobby is back off the ventilator and seems to be improving

Cooked- Fish Sticks and Macaroni for dinner & my babies ate like pigs. It's their favorite

Hated- To miss decorating for my cousin's wedding but I just couldn't fit it all in this week

Tried- To clean up the house because I knew I wouldn't have time to do it tomorrow before we left for the weekend

Heard- A whipporwhill! Don't they make a beautiful sound?

Finished- Our camping list- now to buy supplies tomorrow!!!!

Let- Anika have a friend over to spend the night

Realized- My kids are finally getting into a bedtime routine. Still need to work on downtime ideas, self care ideas and behavior ideas but we are making progress

Plan- To do a brain dump, update my May goals and then head to bed. Gonna be a busy weekend!

I won't be back till Monday friends. We have Day Camp and a Wedding tomorrow and then we will be camping through the weekend!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and Stay Safe!!!