Monday, April 11, 2016

Where We are Now

I cannot believe I haven't written since mid January! Time flies doesn't it? The last time I wrote I was in quite a funk and while that has lived true the past few months, I've decided it's time to be done witb it. The weather is warming and I have so many things to look forward to. I need to just get myself out of it. The one thing I've learned battling depression is that the winter months are always the worst. This past weekend though we went to Tenn. for Spring Break and while there I decided life is just too darn precious to stress and worry all the time. I want to quit drifting through life and live it. Here's to a great rest of 2016.

So just a little update on how everyone is doing around here. For your sanity I'll just give you the basics.

SJ is still working everyday. We have been very blessed. Most of the mines around here has shut down so for him to still have a job is amazing. He's still trading and swapping all the time. Most recently he traded for a boat. I think we get a new one every season. I must say though I'm excited for some Summer Lake Days! He's doing fairly well and spends most his time working or outside!

Anika is now on homebound again. The school situation with her is one that is so touch and go. I'm not sure how we will approach it next year and it being her Senior Year but for right now she has an instructor that brings her work here and picks it up and returns it to school. Her and her boyfriend parted ways and not on good terms. It was by his doing and not hers. She took it very hard but has finally began to rebound. She spends most her days with me which I'm not sure is exactly healthy but it is what it is. She is leading Youth Group at Church and I'm quite proud of her for that. Overall she is doing well.

Axle is doing better. He finally got his first reading book this year and is reading a little bit. Although he's done well in Kindergarten, I think we are going to have him repeat it again. He's only five and another year to mature and learn isn't going to hurt him any. It's been a tough decision for me but I keep trying to remember I need to do what is best for him and not myself. He stills shows some signs of something going on developementally so we have scheduled an evaulation in  Columbus Ohio for next month. I'm praying we get some answers. He's still skinny as a bean pole, mean as a rattlesnake and sweet as sugar! His most recent obsession is You Tube so we have quite a few battles over that but otherwise he's a pretty god boy!

Annalee has really adjusted to Preschool well. She's still a little shy and don't participate in everything but she's really done better than I expected. She actually enjoys it too. Her speech has progressed leaps and bounds and the stuttering is at a minimum now which relives this mommy to no end. She is by far this sweetest kid I have however she also has the worst temper. Let me just tell you, the girl can throw a fit. She's also so sneaky. Trust me, if she's quiet there is probably an issue!

Both my parent's have now quit work and are staying at home. Both of them are very actively involved in Church and both are doing fairly well health wise. I'm very thankful for this stage of their life.They both deserve the downtime and time together.

As for me, I'm doing okay. I'm still spending the majority of my time doing self improvement things. Sometimes I think I spend too much time trying to be better and happier. I'm a complex soul I suppose. I'm still not working, just staying at home with my babies. I've got a little small building that I'm considering opening a business in but as of right now I've not decided anything for sure. I'm on a new medication and hoping that will help shake this funk & recently I started seeing a counselor again so hopefully that too will help me get my focus where it needs to be. I've got the travel bug again, I do every summer! In an attempt to do things enjoyable for me, I decided to start blogging again. I love blogging and have missed it so much.

I can't promise how often I'll write. I'm striving for daily or at least a few times a week but who knows! Honestly just jumping back in was a big step for me. I've thought about it for the past month or so and just couldn't bite the bullet and do it. Now that I have, I'm very glad I did.

I'll leave you with a few pictures from our recent Tenn trip! Hope you all are doing well and I'm looking forward to creeping on your blogs and catching up!



  1. Angie, I am so happy you are back. I have missed you so much! I just got back from Tennessee also and I wonder if we were there the same time. I was in Covington, Brighton and Millington -- all out by Memphis. So glad to hear SJ is still working. That is a blessing. And to catch up with everything going on with the kids. Hope you blog again soon.

    1. Thanks Kathy! I've missed you too! Glad to be back. We were in Gatlinburg over the weekend for Spring Break :)

  2. Welcome BACK!!! I loved hearing how you all are!! You have been missed, my dear!!

  3. You have a sweet family! Your trip to Tennessee looked fun! I've always wanted to go there- past Memphis!

  4. you all look GREAT...the kids are getting so big. i enjoyed all your pictures!!!