Thursday, April 28, 2016

Twenty on Thursday

Well this will be my last post until at least Sunday. Me and my gal will be heading out on a bus tomorrow night for Savannah, Georgia. To say I'm exciteed is an understatement. Don't worry, I'll take lots of photos and be back Sunday to share them with you.

Let's not get ahead of myself though. Today was a busy but good day! I thought I'd share it with you.

1. Hubby got up this morning and told the kids he would take them to school. They were super excited as usual. What I don't understand is why he needs me to go with him. He always insists I go and then he insists that I walk in with him. He walks to the door and I walk them on to class. I asked him today why he just didn't walk them to class and his response was "It's Hard". Yep, thought I'd fall over. What he meant in men terms I'm sure is that he "didn't want to do it".

2. We had yet another meeting to attend today. This one was a School Readiness Meeting for the Headstart. It was held one county over and was actually a quite interesting meeting. After the meeting we were served dinner. They had some Potatoes & Polish Sausage that was to die for!

3. I got a few minutes (literally a few) to talk to the Hubby before he left for work today. We talked about his weekend plans with the kids. He is going to have them all weekend to entertain while I'm gone.

4. I picked up Lee from school today and had to do a Parent/Teacher Conference with her teacher. It's funny because I talk to her everyday but she is still required by law to do a formal conference.

5. Axle's class had a picnic outside today. Pretty much they just ate their lunch outside but they still had lots of fun doing it. They were asked to bring in a blanket or beach towel today for their picnic so Axle took his Cars Blanket!

6. Anika scheduled Geometry Tutoring for this evening at 3:30 so we ran her up there and dropped her off.

7. We didn't get to take a morning walk today because of the rain so we decided to take an evening walk with the kids. It was nice and they had a fun time! We will definitely be doing more of it when school gets out. We got lucky too, it started raining as soon as we finished up our walk.

8. Dad met us in town after our walk and picked up Axle. They had a hair appointment this evening. The kids acted like complete goofballs while we waited. Axle's hair looks so much better now though.

He wanted a picture of his boo boo he got yesterday

9. On our way home this evening we stopped by my cousin's house. She had texted Anika and told her she had some makeup for her. She was NOT kidding!!! The child should be good on makeup for a year or so. Anika's in her glory, she loves her makeup!

10. My daughter informed me today that she signed me up to teach the 2-3 year old class at Vacation Bible School this year. I'm glad she bothered asking. I don't really mind though just a little nervous as this is the first class I've ever taught. I'll be planning soon!!!!

11. I came home today and threw clothes in the washer. The washer did not work. I have no clue what the deal is. It's like it's not getting any water. Ugh, and it is fairly new!

12. Anika is finally getting excited about Prom!!!! Up until now she hasn't seemed real interested but today she seemed to be getting excited. I'm glad since it's only a little over a week away!

13. Today Axle's teacher sent home a consent form to retain him this year. Her and I had already talked and agreed that Axle would benefit greatly from another year of Kindergarten. As a mother it breaks my heart but I also know it's in his best interest. He is totally okay with the idea because he isn't six yet and thinks he needs to be six to go on to first grade, He will be participating in graduation, cap and gown and all. He will just be doing it two years instead of one,

14, My mom made fried green tomatoes this evening and sent me some. They were so  good. Bless her heart :)

15. I straightened on the house some this evening. Lately I feel very productive and on top of things. It's a good feeling.

16. The packing process has started around here. The kids clothes are packed for mom's for tomorrow night, Anika and I are partially packed and I laid out the kids clothes for the Hubby for the weekend. Hoping it makes it a little easier on him.

17. I watched an episode of Blue Blood tonight. I love that show!!!!

18. It's a gorgeous Kentucky night out. The air after the rain here is just so fresh. I sat on  the porch for awhile and listened to the frogs. I love the country and I love country summer nights so good!

19. The night is winding down here. Both kids are now in bed and Anika is in the tub. I'm going to do a few last minute things and head to bed myself soon.

20. Tomorrow is ANOTHER busy day. I have a multitude of errands to run tomorrow morning. I have packing and preparing to do before we leave. Axle is having field day tomorrow so I'm going to try and go see him for awhile. I'm hoping to work in a walk at some point and then we are going to the Community Center to watch the Church perform for as long as we can. We have to load the bus at 9:00 tomorrow night and it takes us over an hours drive to get there. Like I said, crazy busy. I love my life though!

Friends I'll be back on Sunday! I hope you all have a great weekend. Sis and I are sure hoping too!



  1. I'm back from Conference. I'm way behind on my blog reading since I have not had internet all week. It looks like I missed a lot. I'll have to go back and check on what's going on. But I wanted to wish you a good trip to Savannah. I know you'll love it and I can't wait to hear about your trip. Oh, and you'll have a ball teaching the 2-3 year olds at VBS. That's a cute age.

  2. Oh how fun! I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip! :)