Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thursday's Top Ten

It's Thursday which means it's almost the weekend! Is anyone else excited about that?

I thought I'd do a Top 10 list for you today. It's merely just the first 10 things I thought of when reflecting on today!

1. Both kids were so easy to wake this morning and both had such positive attitudes. Why can't every morning be like that? I know Axle was excited about his trip today but I have no clue why Lee was so eager to go to school.

2. Speaking of trip, Axle had a blast today on his field trip. They went and saw "High School Musical" that was put on by our drama club. Ax was so excited to tell me all about it. If you know Ax you would know he never tells me anything so that is a sure fire sign he loved it.

3. I spent my entire morning/day in bed. I'm not even exaggerating. I literally went back to bed after I got the kids to school and didn't get up until 1:00. I wouldn't have gotten up then but the hubby woke me to tell me he was going to work and that I had to get up and go get Lee from school. I'm not kidding when I tell you this allergy/sinus issue of mine is about to take me out. It's been bad folks.

4. Hubby spent what little bit of day he had before going to work tinkering on this old tractor. It belongs to an older man that lives next door. We are having issues with our bank slipping off and he told us we could use it in order to try and fix it. The tractor hadn't been started in years but I guess hubby has it up and running now. That will be his weekend project, to work on the bank.

5. I feel as though I'm severely dehydrated. I've been ridiculously thirsty all day. My lips have been majorly chapped, my hands feel so dry and my throat feels so scratchy. I'm thinking that might be part of the reason I've felt so horrible.

6. The kids and I went to visit Mom and Dad this evening. They leave for the weekend tomorrow. They are traveling to Gatlinburg with my Aunt and Uncle. I'm hoping they have a wonderful time as they both deserve the break. While we were there we had a cookout, the kids played outside, we walked a trail through the hills and I enjoyed looking at mom's beautiful yard and decorations. She keeps the prettiest yard. It was a nice evening.

7. The weather today was amazing and it's supposed to be like this the next few days. I must admit, this makes me one happy girl. I love sunshine and warm weather!

8. It's official, Anika and I will be traveling to Savannah at the end of this month. Can I afford it, probably not but YOLO, right? I'm so excited and yes I'm already planning our must see/do list.

9. My kids are already in the bed and I'm heading that way very soon myself. I'm way tired and tomorrow is going to be a busy day.

10. Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday! I'll talk to you all tomorrow night.


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  1. You're going to Savannah? I know you will have a wonderful time! It's a city, but not like New York and I know you know what I mean. Thanks for all the pictures of your kids. When did they get so big? You have a lot of land for them to play in. Have a good Friday!