Monday, April 18, 2016

Sunday Blessings

I didn't get to post yesterday due to the internet being out. It's forest fire season here and yesterday the fire apparently took out the internet lines. It was back on when I got up this morning though and I was very thankful for that. Not only was the internet out but so was the television and phone. My kids without their evening television was just all out of sorts.

Yesterday was a GREAT day!!!!! Here's a few of my Sunday Blessings!

* A breakfast date with my Hubby- Rarely do we ever get a date night so yesterday morning we decided to have a date morning.  We hit up a yard sale, had breakfast at Bob Evans and went to Lowe's and Walmart. It was much needed and so much fun.

*Anika babysitting- Without her our date wouldn't have been possible.

* The Weather- It was a glorious day

* Such a responsible teenager- She worked again yesterday at the Community Play. I'm so blessed to have such a great teenager!

* Hubby making boat progress- We bought a boat that needed some work. Hubby spent all day yesterday replacing the floor in it. It's looking great and should definitely be ready for Memorial day weekend!

* Getting my tables switched out- It was a big job but I'm glad I can now check it off my list. Our old kitchen table was my grandma's and while I loved it, it was entirely too big for our kitchen. The new one is much more my style and allows us so much more room.

* A normal relationship with my kids- Anika had a girl come here yesterday because her mom would not pick her up from town and she had no where to go. She didn't stay long and I eventually ended up taking her to a friends house and dropped her off. What time she was here though, I was in shock listening to her speak of her relationship with her mom. I'm so thankful my kids and I love one another,

* Watching my babies play together- It's a pleasure I take for granted way too often

* A clean house- It makes me feel so much better mentally

* A busy week ahead- Busy for me is a good thing. It helps keep the depression at bay!

There ya have it friends, the makings of a great Sunday
Enjoy the week ahead



  1. This post makes me so happy. Lovely weather! Good kids! Date with the hubby! Love it all.

    Poor daughter's friend though. So sad.