Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday Newsome Style

Howdy Folks,

Just checking in from the Newsome household this Saturday evening. Man has it been a glorious day today. The weather was absolute perfection all day long. The day is winding down though so I thought I'd take a few minutes to tell you a few things about my day.

* I slept in till 9:00 this morning. I could've totally slept longer but Axle was determined it was time for Hubby and I to rise and shine.

* Hubs made his morning run to town for coffee. The man has a coffee pot but still insists on going to the gas station every morning to get a cup. Who knows!

* I got some grocery shopping done today. That was a much needed chore crossed off my list.

* The girls (Anika and her friends) cleaned up my house today. They even mopped my floors!

* I hit up the Thrift Store and found a few things. I think I ended up with Annalee two pair of shoes and a shirt, 2 shirts for myself, a roll of carpet for the boat, a mattress for Annalee's bed and these cute treasures. It was a good thrifting day.

This pillow caught my eye as soon as I saw it
I'll be using it as my inspiration for Annalee's bedroom

How perfect are these for her bedroom too?

I loved this- not sure if it's a tablecloth or throw but Ill
find somewhere for it

Isn't this the prettiest platter? It's heavy too!

* SJ spent his whole day outside working on the stupid backhoe which just so you know still isn't running.

* Anika had to serve at a Community Event tonight. She was exhausted when I picked her up. She took a bath and went straight to bed. It's safe to say she will probably never be a waitress but she sure looked stunning.

* I'm proud to announce I have ALL the laundry done. Go Angie!!!!!

* I finally made our reservations today for Memorial Day. We will be camping at the lake for three days. It should be a blast.

* I talked to Mom tonight. Her and Dad are having a nice trip. She said they had walked their legs off looking at all the old cars! This weekend was the car show in Piegon  Forge so dad has loved that.

* I worked this evening making a Master Camping List. I'm hoping it will save me lots of time when planning our camping trips this year! We camp a lot and why I haven't done that before is beyond me.

* We grilled out this evening because the weather was too beautiful not too. Our grill had to have a good cleaning first though and Little Man wanted to do it. He did a good job with his daddy's help!

* I've been doing well at planning my days, documenting things, etc but right now I'm using a number of notebooks to keep it all in check. I'm on the search for a new way. I'll let you know if I find one.

* The kids have been outside pretty much all day with the exception of the nap Lee took! Ax hasn't slowed down today though!

* I just realized I didn't get a single picture of Lee today. Oops!!!!

* Well that sums up things around here folks. Time for baths and sleep. Hope you all have a very blessed Sunday



  1. Go Angie! You've been blogging every day! You got so much more done today than I did. I am so tired all the time. What a great thrifting day. You got some real treasures. Lee's room is going to look so cute!

  2. I have a tablecloth (if that's what they are) just like that. I wonder where it is? ...
    It was a perfectly gorgeous day, the kind we've all been waiting for.