Sunday, April 24, 2016

Our Sunday

For Today: April 24, 2016

Outside my Window: Stands my husband and a buddy of his. I'm hoping he comes in soon or I'm going to go to bed on him!

I am Thinking: About what a goof I am. Today I got out of my truck at the gas station and forgot to put it into park. It rolled right into the side of the building. After waiting on the police forever and letting them fill out a police report,  I was finally free to go. Only I could do something like that.

I am Thankful: For new friendships

In my Kitchen: There is leftovers I brought home from Mom's this evening. The kids and I had dinner up there while the Hubby stayed home and played around outside! Dad took me down to show me his garden while I was there and I scored some fresh green onions too

I am Wearing: A pair of blue athletic shorts and my hubby's blue tee shirt

I am Creating: A list of Summer ideas to do with the kids. I'm so ready for Summer Break

I am  Reading: Nothing yet but hope to start 90 minutes in Heaven this week

I am Hoping: That Anika and I have a great time in Savannah. We leave this weekend and I'm so excited

I am Wondering: What in the world I'm going to do with Baby Chicks. Axle's teacher posted today that all the babies hatched over the weekend and we could pick them up tomorrow. They are adorable but geeze like we need another pet

Around the House: I have been pretty lazy today. I'll have to make up for it tomorrow

Photos For the Day:
Our Walk Today

Happy Sunday!!!!


  1. You will love "90 minutes in heaven". Such a good book. Love the walk you do each day. You are going to be so fit. Can't wait to see pictures of and hear all about Savannah.

  2. Oh my gosh! So funny about the truck! Oops! Glad no one was hurt. I hope the truck was okay.
    The chicks are SO CUTE!!!!