Saturday, April 23, 2016

Fun Stuff

So it's Saturday and we have had a great weekend so far. I've got a lot of photos to share so I wanted to go ahead and get this post up!

Friday was a special day for Annalee's class. They had their Family Picnic at the park. While the weather wasn't nearly as cooperative as we had hoped, the kids still had a great time. There was lots of playing, food and the community emergency responder's came and let the kids tour the vehicles. It was a fun day for all of us.

After the park we came straight home. Anika was feeling bad and she laid down to nap. I really should have done some much needed housework but instead I sat around and rested. It's been a big time busy week and I was tired. Lee watched television and I thought she'd take a nap but she didn't.

I picked up my boy from school at 3:00. His bookbag weighed 100 pounds. Apparently they cleaned out their desk in preparation for the end of the school year, My son is  obviously a hoarder because he must have never cleaned his desk out before!

Our evening was very low key. We had leftover pizza for dinner and I was glad not to have to cook. The hubby came home from work, showered and then we laid down and watched several episodes of Criminal Minds. This week was his Saturday to work so he had to go to bed early. Anika spent her evening out with the Church. They didn't have regular Youth Group, instead they took them to see God is Not Dead 2. I knew my two little ones wouldn't understand it and sit still so we opted to stay home. It was about 10:00 before sis made it in. Shortly after we all went to bed.

Today there was no sleeping in around here. Although I missed sleeping, we had a great day. We were up and at it around 7 this morning. We drove an hour and a half to West Virginia for a Superhero Event  that a park was putting on. It was cold my friends. We literally about froze to  death. The event was cute but it was so crowded. They said they never expected to have that kind of turnout. Unfortunately it only lasted two hours and by the time we stood in line, we didn't get to do a whole lot. The kids were very clear they wanted to play on the bounce house though so that was the first thing they did. Annalee was a bit hesitant but once she got warmed up she was a jumping fool!

The girls wanted to see the Superheros so we did that too. I could't believe Axle wouldn't take his picture with them. I was totally shocked. He sometimes blows my mind.

By the time we got through that, the event was pretty much over. I must admit, I was cold so I wasn't complaining. Traffic getting out of the place was a bit chaotic but we made it.

The kids were hungry and we had time to kill so I decided to check off one of my bucketlist items. There is a place I have wanted to visit forever called Hillbilly Hotdogs. It was actually featured on Food Network and the seating is inside a school bus. How cool is that? Let's just say the place did not disappoint. It was awesome! There was so much to look at. The food was good too. My son told me it was  Yardsale when we first pulled in. I had to laugh! If you ever get  the chance, check this place out!

After we got our bellies full, we headed home. Both the little one's slept all the way home and I napped when we got here. Our evening has consisted of very little. I've watched some television, done some laundry and lounged around. The kids have played outside, Anika had her guy friend over for awhile and Hubby worked on the boat some more after he got home from work. It's about time for us to call it a night. The hubby is in the process of putting us up a screen door and I'm heading to the shower.

Hope you enjoyed all the photos and are having a great weeknd



  1. You have had quite a weekend. Love it all! My favorite part though was the Hillbilly Hot Dogs. It looked like it was so fun! My favorite picture was the one of Anika eating the pizza and Lee looking at her. So cute.

  2. Wow! What a weekend! I love all the pictures! Fantastic! :)

  3. The Hillbilly festival looked so fun!