Monday, April 25, 2016

Currently 04-25-2016

Impressed: That I was on time for school today

Loving- Our daily walks. Although I didn't get any photos, we walked this morning. We tried out a location below my house. It's a small park with a blacktop walking track. I wasn't crazy about the track because it was just a short round circle. It was a good place for kids though so we might be utilizing some this summer. It appeared they were in the process of building a dirt trail there that ran along the creek. I'll be ready to walk it as soon as it's ready.

Having: Mixed emotions in regards to a pretty heated argument I had today with a long time friend. I don't feel I did anything wrong though and she later called to apologize. I of course accepted, I don't hold grudges but the whole situation still bothers me a little. I'll be praying about it.

Wishing: I'd spent more time with my honey before he went to work today. It was about the time the above said argument ensued, I got angry and I let it consume me. I hate that. I'll definitely be making it up to him tomorrow.

Thankful: For photos of my kids throughout the day. Both have wonderful teachers that keep us parent's updated all day long through a Facebook class page. I love it. Today I got these adorable photos of Lee.

Excited- About our Savannah, I cannot wait. We got our itinerary emailed us today.

Wondering- What I'm going to do with this baby chick Axle brought home from school today. Gosh I hope I don't end up letting it die or something. It's so little,

Dreading- The next few days of rain. I'm a sunshine addict :)

Wearing- Sweats and a Tee

Needing- To take a bath and wash my hair

Debating- If we will have enough time to see/do everything we want to in Savannah. On our list is a trip over to Tybee to take a Dolphin Cruise and look around, Forsyth Park, River Street, City Market, The Cathedral and dinner at Paula Dean's

Enjoying- The fact that Anika likes to cook. She cooks dinner all the time

Glad- To have gotten my house cleaned today and my floors swept and mopped

Proud- Of Anika, she's such a good kid

Praying- For all those that are in the line of these severe storms being forecasted for tomorrow

Tickled- The kids school did a year book this year. We got it today and it was so cute!

Striving- To be on time tomorrow. Ax has a field trip and they are leaving at 8:00

Writing- In my daily thoughts book. It's quite therapeutic 

Planning- To shower, wash Axle's class shirt for tomorrow, read a few blogs and then head to bed!

Hope your Monday has been amazing friends

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  1. I hate disagreements like that. They leave me unsettled too. I hope tomorrow is better for you!