Thursday, April 21, 2016


Well I'm behind again posting but this has been a BUSY week!

Wednesday morning we were all dragging. Even poor Annalee thought the week should be over already. We managed to get to school though so that was a plus. After I got the kids dropped off Anika and I headed to my friend Rebekah's for our daily walk. We ended up walking town and down by the creek on the walking path. It was nice  It wasn't nearly as nice as the lake walk but it was still enjoyable. We saw a few ducks and some pretty flowers at least!

Straight after our walk Sis and I had to head home to get cleaned up for a meeting. We had our policy committee meeting for the Headstart at our local Tea Rooms. Sis of course looked gorgeous as always!

The meeting was good. We discussed the upcoming Camden Park Trip, the upcoming Family Picnic and went over incentitive ideas for next year. We of course discussed the standard financial matters and other agenda items. I was finally voted to be added to the sub list. I won't be subbing this year probably but everything will already be in place for next year when school starts back. We also recognized our Parent of the Year winner and recognized all participants. They fed us a great dinner which is always awesome. It was definitely a good time.

Anika and I ran a few errands after the meeting and then picked up Annalee. She seemed to have a good day. We came home and straightened up the house & I got some much needed paperwork done and phone calls made. By this time it was back to the school to get Axle.

Ax had a good day and was very eager to tell me all about his part in the graduation ceremony. He will be reciting "Jack Be Nimble". We came straight home after I picked him up, rested a bit & got his homework done and then we headed back to school again. This time it was for Math Night! It's a new program they started and it was amazing. They explained the purpose of "Common Core" and how it works. The information was so helpful and they gave us some awesome manipulatives to use to work with our children. It was a great event and super organized. They fed us dinner at the end. I was hesitant about going but am so glad I did now.

Since we had already ate, I swung through Taco Bell and grabbed the Hubby some grub. We also stopped and got snack for Axle's snack day and then we headed home.

Hubby was already home and outside. The kids have been wanting to ride on the backhoe forever so he gave them a ride. They thought they were quite cool.

I finally got them inside around dark and got them bathed and down for the night. While I was doing that, Hubby somehow managed to get the backhoe stuck in the creek and he was FOREVER getting it out. I watched Law and Order and waited on him to come to bed.

This morning we all woke much easier. The kids were fairly cooperative so getting them to school wasn't too difficult. Rebekah and her son rode with us and after we dropped them off we headed on over to the lake for a walk. It's quite a drive but I had to be in that area today anyway so we took advantage of it.

Let me just tell you, it was a beautiful walking day. Their was a warm breeze and it was pure perfection!

We could have just kept walking but Anika had a counseling appointment so we had to pack up and take her there. Her appointments are only about 45 minutes so we just sat and waited on her. Benjamin entertained us while we waited.

After her appointment we made a stop by the bank and Little Ceasars before heading to the school to pick up Annalee and her daughter. Lee made all kinds of cute things this week and was so excited to give them to me. This was my favorite.

We ended up coming to my house and ate. The kids played outside well over an hour. I'm so enjoying this weather. We are supposed to get rain next week and as much as we need it I'm surely going to miss the sunshine.

The Hubby got home around 2:00 today. He had class today instead of work. I'm sure he loved that. This evening we done some housework  while he's worked outside. The kids helped him cut the grass!

I'm going to finish up this post and head back out myself to clean out my truck before dark. Anika is doing school work and the kids are out riding their battery powered four wheeler. It won't be long and it will be time for homework, baths and bed.

Our Friday is going to be another busy one!

Hang in there guys, it's almost the weekend


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  1. You're not kidding you're busy but it seems to be a nice busy. So glad the kids are enjoying school and you are getting to so many great meetings. Your walks are great. I wish I could walk. Maybe I could lose some weight!