Friday, April 15, 2016

A Jam Packed Friday

It's been a very busy day!

We crawled out of bed around 7:00 this morning. Since it was field trip day for Annalee and Axle was getting to go with us, neither of them put up a fight getting up. I think they were both ready before me. The hubby got up when we did because apparently the man doesn't believe in sleeping.

We actually got on the road this morning right on time. I picked up Anika's new friend so he could go with us and then we headed to the Mountain Homeplace to meet up with Annalee's class. The Mountain Homeplace offers a historical tour that is set in the 1850's. It is quite interesting and the kids really enjoyed it. It was a gorgeous day for it too!

The first part of the tour was a film
It was a little advanced but the kids did okay!

We toured an old house which was really interesting!

The kids favorite part was of course the barn and animals!

We visited a one room school house

We saw an old church

We even saw a Blacksmith!

After the tour the kids had a picnic style lunch under one of the shelters. I didn't get any photos because I was busy helping serve food. I did manage to get a full class photo of them though. Notice Anika is in it, that is because Lee wouldn't take one without her!

After lunch we headed home. I made it home just in time to spend a few moments with the husband before he went to work. Bless his heart, seems I never see him much these days.

Anika, Timmy and Annalee spent the entire rest of the day outside. We ordered pizza and Lee played her little heart out while Anika watched her. They were outside so long they got sunburned. Axle of course hung out in the house. He's gotten so bad for that. That is one of the reasons I'm trying to remain so active with the kids. I ended up laying down and sleeping a good 3 hours. I'm not sure if it's where I've been sick, the new medicine I'm on or a combo of both but all I want to do these days is SLEEP!!!!!

Our evening consisted of Youth Group at Church. This is the first time I've ever attempted to take my little one's. Axle has always refused to go and today was no different but I forced him. I'm glad I did now because he loved it. They had snack, sang songs, had a lesson and then made the cutest craft. Anika actually teaches the lesson to the older kids and she's been going awhile. Now it will be a family thing on Friday's.

Needless to say by the time we got home tonight, my kids were zonked! Both have been asleep awhile now. Anika has a friend over tonight and they are watching television! I've got some minor picking up to do before I retire for some television time myself.

Tomorrow the hubby is off work so we will be hanging around here most all day. It should be a much slower paced day.

Hope  all of you are enjoying the beginning of the weekend!


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  1. I love historic villages. Thanks for taking so many pictures. It was great. If I ever get to Kentucky I will have to go see it. Your school does such nice things for the kids.

    So glad you got to Youth Group too. Looks like they really enjoyed it.