Thursday, January 14, 2016

2016 The Funk Continues!!!

Things around here have been crazy with a capitol C and I'm not even exaggerating. Heading into 2016, I've been in kind of a funk. It just oozed over from 2015 but I'm trying very hard to shake it. Soon hopefully!

The kids are all back in school although they have had 2 snow days this week. Trust me, this didn't hurt my kids feelings at all. All three of them seem to be doing well. Axle had an adjustment issue right after Christmas break but is finally settling in. Lee on the other hand was ready to go back & well as far as Anika goes, she hates it but she goes. Here's a couple cute things they have been doing!

Axle's class made photos of them catching snow flakes on their tongues
They also made melting snowmen!

Annalee's class has been studying bears! They made bear masks
As you can tell Annalee didn't want her photo taken
She also got to paint! She loves to paint!

Anika's been prom dress browsing. She's found some cute ones but she can't decide. It looks like she is going to go with a 2 piece this year though. I think she's just wanting to mix it up a little from years past.

Anika and Cody have also been extremely active in church lately. Sorry I can't say the same. I've not went any. They went to a youth rally our church held though and had a blast! Anika spoke about depression and how it has affected her life. I'm super proud of her!

The hubby has been working away in his garage on his vehicle! He's changed a motor and is now changing a gas tank. He always has to have something to keep him busy.

He and I have had some issues lately but hopefully all that has been resolved now. Prayers for us please!

My niece, her little girl and her boyfriend has moved in with us. They bought a cute little cabin and are having to do the entire inside as it's a blank slate. We bought the electrical stuff today and it should have electric in it by the weekend! She's excited and I'm excited for them. While I have loved having them here, it does require more work and time on my part. I'm not complaining though, just one of the reasons I've been away from the blog world!

Pretty much that is all that is going on. Between the slump (winter blues) and the additional family running around, life has been pretty crazy. I'm determined to get back to blogging though. Maybe not this week but eventually!!!!!

Friends..hope your doing well

Love Ang


  1. Angie, I have missed you SO MUCH! I was just thinking about you today and thinking I would write to you tomorrow if I did not hear from you. You really have been busy. So have I been since I retired. It's a whole different life. Glad the kids have been fitting into school. That's wonderful that Anika was able to speak in church. Good for her. No wonder you're so proud.

    Hang in there. Spring comes after winter. I hope to see you in the blog world again soon.