Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Truth

Well I'm back and again, it's been awhile since I blogged. Frankly, I'm totally over December and ready to move on to the New Year. December has not been the kindest to me & I am in quite the funk right now. I just feel like the turn of the year is a new start and I'm so ready for it.

I left off blogging on Thursday so I'll start there. I actually did end up shopping on Christmas Eve Morning. It was around 4:00 that morning to be exact and let's just say I didn't enjoy it one single bit. I was tired (no exhausted) from being at the hospital all the night before and I was super cranky. At least the store wasn't crowded and I did finish ALL my shopping!

I think it was around 8:00 that morning when we got home. I went to sleep and slept about 4 hours before getting back up and starting to wrap presents. Sis made some Macaroni Salad for me while I got the gifts in line! That afternoon we went to Mom and Dad's for our Christmas with them. My Uncle's and Aunt's were there but this was the 1st year without my Grandma. Heartbreaking to say the least. For those of you that don't know, my Grandma passed away on Christmas Day 2014.

We had a great dinner though and then opened gifts. Axle tried to enjoy himself but he was pretty much too sick. It wasn't a bad evening, actually it was quite nice but with a sick boy and tired mom, it could have been better.

It was late Thursday night when we got home. I was so exhausted I didn't even look at my gifts (and I got a ton) nor did the kids. Anika fixed Santa cookies and milk with the babies and then made some reindeer food with them. Poor Axle was so sick he could barely participate. I finished wrapping and putting together Santa gifts and stockings while they did that. It was a LONG day!!!!

After the kids fell asleep, I did the whole Santa thing and then crawled in bed with Sis. The hubs slept in the living room with Axle and Lee because Axle was feeling so rough.

We actually had to wake the kids Christmas morning to see their Santa Gifts. Can you believe I didn't get photos! Ax got a Pogo Stick & a RC Hulk that crushes stuff, Lee got a new Vanity Set and a Cleaning Cart & Anika got a new Trashcan for her room (she asked) and a pair of diamond earrings. They also had stockings filled to the brim.

We opened gifts as soon as they looked at their Santa stuff. Let me just tell you between all of our Christmas stops this year, they got way too much stuff!

The kids went directly into playing after opening gifts and I went into crazy lady mode cooking and cleaning. We had invited some friends over for Christmas dinner and my house looked like a pig sty. The hubby helped although it wasn't appreciated because he griped the whole time he did it. I got the appetizers on the table, my clothes changed and the house liveable by the time they rolled in. I was proud of myself.

For appetizers we served Pizza Snacks, Chips and Homemade Salsa & Boiled Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce!

The guys hung outside because the weather was 70 degrees while Rebekah and I completed dinner. Sis went to Cody's for Christmas with his family but was back by the time we ate dinner. Lee and Sophia played while Benjamin chased them but poor Ax fell asleep and never woke up all of Christmas day.

The weather was gorgeous so our Christmas dinner main course was Steaks on the grill. They were absolutely delicious too. We also had Broccoli Casserole, Ranch Potatoes, Lazy Perogies, Scalloped Potatoes, Mac n Cheese, Corn on the Cob, Texas Toast, Cornbread and Fried Rice. We had a festive holiday punch and for desert there was Dirt Pudding! Everything came together okay although I had a few more dishes I wanted to make but it just didn't happen. I just had no time to prepare as normally I would've cooked all Christmas Eve.

We had a great time together though and were so glad they joined us. We only took one photo the whole day. Probably due to my brain not working from exhaustion!

This was taken with Sis's new Selfie Stick!

Our company left at around 8:00 and we didn't even clean up the mess. We called Mom to come get the girls and headed straight to the Emergency Room with Axle. His fever was blazing high again. Our wait at the ER was quite long and unfortunately they put him threw a million tests again but all showed negative. They said it was just a viral infection but he was severely dehydrated. They put in an IV and gave him a bag of fluids and sent us home.

It was probably 3:00 am when we got home and I was honestly falling asleep sitting straight up in the car. So thankful for my Husband driving us.

Saturday morning I took the husband to pick up an old truck and then went to Mom's to get the girls. Ax insisted he stay all night so I agreed but only after making sure mom knew how to give all his meds. The girls and I came home and cleaned up the mess in the kitchen. Thankfully Hubby had already cleaned up most of it for us. We also straightened the rest of the house so that we could live in it but that was about it. The husband spent his day outside while I on the other hand don't think I moved from the couch much. I just couldn't find the energy. Anika had a friend over to spend the night so I did go to town to get them Mexican but that was about my biggest accomplishment of the entire day! Ax ended up calling wanting to come home around 9:00 so I ran to mom's and got him. The rest of our night was just lounging!

Sunday we missed Church. I was just too tired and PMS decided to strike unexpectedly. I'm guessing due to stress. Ax did make some improvement on Sunday though and even asked for food which I happily went and got him. The weather on Sunday was almost 80 degrees. Isn't that crazy? I couldn't help but get milkshakes while I was out! I did some laundry and ginned around the house pretty much the entire day. The Hubby of course never came inside until after dark. There was no way that pretty day was passing him by. Unfortunately I didn't get in bed Sunday night till very late! I ended up staying up so I could get the Hubby up for work and got started watching Cutthroat Kitchen!

Monday morning the Hubby had to leave to be at work at 2:30 am. That is just insane but whatever I guess. The kids and I ended up sleeping till NOON!!! Yes, we were all zonked, I told you. I managed to get a few things done around the house, run a few errands and even enter a few sweepstakes. I made it to the bathtub and for the first time in a few days put on REAL clothes. The day was quite successful if you ask me. Hubs got off work around 3:30 and he piddled outside while it was still daylight. The little two played indoors and Axle was finally back to himself playing and romping. I was very happy about that.

Today has been a much more successful day. I got quite a bit done around here. I have big plans for the New Year and am taking steps to make sure January is a successful month for me. I got my closet all cleaned out nicely today, got a new makeup area set up in my room, hung some hooks for all my scarves, put away all our Christmas Clothes, Moved my Bakers Rack into the kitchen and decorated it with my beautiful new dishes from my Mommy and Daddy & I took down our Inflatable Snowman! I even got a trip in to town, cooked dinner and stopped by the thrift store. Yep, I've been on fire today!!!! 

These are my new dishes mom and dad got me
Sorry the quality of photo isn't great!

It's safe to say Axle is back to normal. He's played all over the house today and ate everything in site. Praise God!!!!!

Just now opening gifts

The Husband worked outside in his garage all evening after work. He's ready to pull a motor out of an old vehicle. I swear the man should've been a mechanic. Sis went bowling tonight with Cody and then to mom's to spend the night. As for me, I've been doing some sweepstaking tonight. Waiting on that big win. Here's my newest wins from this month though!

Set of lights- think I'll use these on my bar

Photo Canvas for Anika's room
She loved this

Tomorrow is going to be another productive day hopefully. I'm planning to clean out from under our bar, get our Christmas Tree's took down, finish up some laundry and who knows what else. We are just taking it easy around here till January the 1st rolls around!

So there you have it and now HOPEFULLY I can resume to regular blogging. At least that is the plan!!!!

Happy almost 2016 Friends!!!


  1. Hi Angie, glad to hear that you managed to get your Christmas sorted and that Axle is now feeling better. Hope 2016 is a good year for you all. xx

  2. I am so sorry to hear that Ax wasn't up to celebrating Christmas. Poor kid. I'm so glad he is better now.

    Once again, we have the same plan. New Year is going to bring about a tidy and organized home. At least I hope so. I have it planned out now let's see if I can accomplish it.

    You got a lot done in just one day. I wouldn't have that much energy. Congrats!