Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Big Twenty!!!

Thirty Ramblings for you this Tuesday!!!

1. Well we overslept this morning, nothing new though is it? The hubs griped at me. I explained that I had been this way for the whole 17 year we have been married. I can't imagine he'd think it would change now.

2. Anika ended up not going to school today. Think she has a stomach virus. The little two went but Lee appears to be feeling bad this evening and Ax has complained all evening of a sore throat.

3. Hubby had to go to work early today. He had a class today and has another on Thursday. That means he has to leave two hours early. It's a 2 hour class and then he goes on to work. It pretty much sucks!

4. I scoured online today looking for Christmas present ideas. I'm hoping to sit down tonight and get them all wrote out into a list. I'm also hoping to hit the lottery.

5. Housework has been minimal today. Actually everything has been minimal except for talking on the phone and chatting online with friends. I've done a LOT of that today.

6. Annalee seemed to have a good day at school. She made some crafts and was excited to give them to me.

7. Axle had a good day too although he has been really tired these past two days. I don't know if it's getting back into the swing of things or if he's genuinely just not feeling well.

8. I attended the Born Learning Program today- it's a 6 month program and this made my third month of going. We had Pizza & Breadsticks today along with chips, cookies, pies and soda! Our lesson was the importance of reading. We did more socializing than anything. I always enjoy the programs!

9. Ax was supposed to have basketball practice tonight and his tournament tomorrow. He just isn't feeling it anymore. I let him decide not to play. I figure if he wants to try it again next year we will but I'm not going to push him right now. He's only 5

10. Our ladies auxillary at church is having an Ugly Christmas Sweater party on Monday. I knew with our upcoming trip over the weekend I wouldn't be able to find anything if I didn't do it now. I first decided to try and make this but later decided it would be too much work.

Instead, I went to the Thrift Store and got these two things. They were quite ugly in my opinion. What do you think?

A Duck Christmas Sweater!!!
Can't beat that

Check out this awesome vest- NOT!!!!

11. I started two new things with the kids today. Being December 1st, what better time to start! First, we are now counting down the days till Christmas and boy are they getting excited!

Secondly, we started our surprise box today! I have a little red Christmas box and each day it will contain all the items needed to do a project for the day. I'm hoping to do this as many days in December as possible. They are loving it. Today the box was filled with two mixer beaters, ziploc bags, candy canes, glue and a 2 construction paper candy canes. The kids put their candy canes in the baggies and beat them into small pieces with the mixer beaters. They then put glue on their construction paper candy cane and decorated it with pieces of the real candy cane. They seriously enjoyed this. It's kind of a Tot School idea in a box. I'm just going to focus on Christmas related activities this month but may even continue this after the first of the year!

12. I also need to give you an update on my 365 Days of doing something new. Here is Days 50-56

Day 50/365- I attended my first ever Friendsgiving. We celebrated within our ladies group and it was seriously so much fun! I hope to make it an annual thing!

Day 51/365- I actually made out an Elf Calendar this year. I usually just wing it but this year I decided I'd be all organized with it.

Day 52/365- I suggested we draw names at my grandma's. I don't think the older generation (mom and her sister's) were too keen on the idea but us younger ones were definitely feeling it. We usually buy for ALL 14 of the kids but not this year. 2 gifts compared to 14 is a BIG DIFFERENCE!!!!

Day 53/365- I took 2 little girl coats, hats and gloves!!! This made me feel so good inside! They were truly in need of them this year and it was such a blessing to be able to help

Day 54/365- I ordered Wings at Little Ceasar's. I'm not a fan of their food but the wings wasn't too bad!

Day 55/365- I put a tree on my porch. I have never had a tree on my porch but I will from now on, I LOVE IT!!!!

Day 56/365- I watched my son sit on Santa's lap for the very first time. He has ALWAYS been terrified but not this year. It made me smile big :) 

13. My friend Christie and I discussed our Must Do List for New York today!!! Her list consists only of visiting the "Friends" coffee shop. Apparently she wants a picture on the couch. Us and the girls also went to go to The Top of the Rock, See the Brooklyn Bridge, Time Square, 911 Memorial, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Cake Boss Shop and if we have time, China Town! Quite a big list I know but hopefully we can cover some ground!

14. I'm hoping to start packing somethings tomorrow but until I get laundry done, I have nothing to pack!!!

15. SJ said he might take the two little one's to look at Christmas Lights this weekend while we are gone. I'm sure they would LOVE that!!!

16. Anika has an issue going on at school that I'm slightly worried about. I'm just going to pray about it.

17. I want to blog read so bad tonight but I don't need too. I'm tired and I need to go to bed!

18. Our Elf is still causing all kinds of trouble. Last night he thought he could hide from us under cottonballs!

19. On top of EVERYTHING else going on in my life, I have the urge to start Sweepstakes Entering again! Don't know if it will happen or not but the urge is definitely there!

20. Well friends, Lee is asleep, Anika is in the tub and Ax is watching cartoons. I have some writing to do before bedtime so I suppose I should jump off here and do it.

You guys have a great Wednesday!!!!

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  1. You always have SO much going on in just your average day!!! All I can say is - there is strength in your youth!! It takes me longer and longer to do anything and longer to recover from doing things!
    How is your sweet Annalee doing?
    I love BOTH your Christmas sweaters!!