Thursday, December 3, 2015

Short and Sweet

It's after 1 am so this post is going to be short and sweet!

Today 12/04/2015

I woke: On top, isn't that a dag blessed miracle? The kids were only like 3 minutes late for school too. Write it down please!

I hated: The hubby had class again. That meant he had to leave me early again today. Just sucks

I was told: By the Hubby that his mines is now up for sale. What does that mean for our future? Only god knows I suppose. It's quite scary though.

I worried: About money and how we are going to manage to do Christmas. I really shouldn't be taking this New York trip but I am.

I confronted: One of Anika's teachers and I hate confrontation. She was in the wrong though. She fixed the issue thankfully.

I took: Anika Motrin to school. She was feeling rough

I dropped off: Some gifts for the "Fill a Cruiser" program the Sheriffs office is doing. I had a T-ball set and a singing Minnie that hadn't been opened so I thought that would be a good thing to do with them.

I stopped by: My friend Rebekah's to drop off an extra Elf on the Shelf I had. She wanted it for her little girl. While I was there we discussed some Headstart Issues that is going on. Things we need to present at the next board meeting.

I was happy: That my Lee had a good day. She wasn't even rushing me out the door when I picked her up.

I entered: A bazillion sweepstakes when I should've been packing and stuff. I was procrastinating, still am actually.

I let: Anika and Cody go pick up some bags for us and some stuff from the store while they were out getting Anika's haircut. This is the good thing about teenager's whose boyfriend's drive!

I managed: To get some laundry done, the house straightened up and the kids stuff ready to pack. My suitcase is still sitting empty though

I have had: Mixed feelings on this whole New York trip. I thought I'd be over the moon excited and I am but I'm nervous all at the same time. I think it's a mix of having to leave my kids, recalling my last vacation and my granny passing, my daddy being sick, having to leave my hubby, the terrorist attacks and not having the money! I'm sure we will have a good time though.

I googled: Til my hands were sore and came up with somewhat of an itinerary. We are hoping to hit the Top of the Rock (Rockafellar Center) first thing and then browse the windows on 5th Avenue. From there we are going to go to China Town to browse and then Little Italy for Lunch! We will then head over the Brooklyn Bridge and hopefully walk across getting a nice view of the Statue of Liberty. Depending on time we may or may not stop by the 9/11 Memorial. We do however want to go to Grand Central Station and check out the place and the holiday fair they have going on. Our next stop will be Central Park for hopefully a Horse and Carriage Ride. We will have dinner somewhere near Central Park. We will head back stopping in Time Square to look around and have a visit to Carlos Bakery! We will also check out the tree at Rockafellar Center!!! I have no idea if this doable as I've never been but that my friends is what we hope to do :)

I was proud: Of my Axle- he made the Spelling Wall because he got a 100 percent on his test!

I fixed: A whole Chicken in the Crockpot and made corn to go with it. The kids enjoyed it. Axle and Lee both loves corn.

I bought: A 12.00 red velvet cake. I'm blaming it on PMS. Oh my god it was so good though!!!

I felt: Tired, I've had a headache and just have had no motivation

I gave: Annalee a breathing treatment. It's the first one she's had to have in over a year. She couldn't catch her breath though. I seriously hope she's not getting sick on me and me leaving.

I was thankful: Hubby fixed the elf up for the kids last night. They loved it too!!!

I didn't: Manage to do our "Magic Red Box" activity and Axle was so mad. Just had to much other stuff to do.

I did manage: To get some clothes washed, the house straightened up and some of the kids stuff packed.

I wanted: To clean out my car but looks like I'll be doing it tomorrow

That my friends is about all I got tonight. I'm tired and kinda grumpy. I'm going to do some writing, wait on the husband and then head to bed. The kids are staying home with me tomorrow so I can spend time with them before I leave. I leave tomorrow evening and won't be back until Sunday so be looking for a New York Recap coming on Sunday night or Monday.

Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!!!!


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  1. You are going to be so close to me! I would hop on the train and go to meet you in person but I am working this weekend. Drat! But we will meet in person sometime. Hope you have a really good time in NYC. You are planning to do a LOT. I couldn't do all of that. Can't wait to see pictures and hear all about it.