Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Realest Blogging Yet

Well it's almost 1 in the morning and I'm awake. Today has just been the most unproductive day ever for me. Considering I got a boat load of stuff needing done, this is NOT a good thing.

We slept in this morning and I slept till almost 11:00. I have NO IDEA why. I'm guessing my body just needed the rest. I woke up to PMS which is definitely not the way I enjoy waking up.

My morning was wasted on the chair with a laptop in my lap. I've posted our boat in every single trade and sale site I can find and no one seems interested. I've dropped the price so low that I'm practically giving it away now. We need the money though for the holiday's. Yes people, this is a real life post!

Hubby and I talked some this morning before he went to work. He's still not feeling great. He's been stuffed up and had a sore throat for days. I offered him antibiotics but being the man he is, he declined. I truly will never understand that but whatever!!!! Poor Hubs didn't even get lunch today. He had to stop at McDonalds on his way to work. I've truly been a bad wife today!!!! I did pack him a dinner bucket though if that helps!

I finally drug my butt off the chair and into the tub around 2:30 today. Isn't that pathetic? It happened though folks. I tried to bath but bathing with a 3 year old who keeps her feet in your tub the entire time isn't the easiest. I managed though. I got dressed today too but trust me it wasn't anything to write home about. I'd use the term "skanking it" to describe my look today!

See the particle board floor- yep a project hubby hasn't gotten to yet

Anyhow, I threatened the kids within an inch of their life to get them ready today. Ax didn't want to go to the doctor and Lee didn't want to put her clothes on. Real life drama around here folks! I won the battle although I felt like I'd been ran over by a mack truck at this point! 

Wouldn't you know after all that, I get to the end of our road and it's blocked! Some fool, his wife and their kid decided driving over an embankment would be a good idea. Okay, in all fairness no one was hurt and they arrested the adults (hence the sarcasm)! My heart did go out for the little girl though, I know she had to be scared. Stupidest part of the whole deal, the husband said the wife was driving and the wife had already took off walking (hiding) with the little girl. People these days!!!

We did manage to get through the traffic and make it to the doctor before he closed. Guess who was there? My poor daddy! Yep, dad has the flu.

The kids were semi well behaved at the doctor's office although once I started looking at them, they looked like orphans. The wait was short so that was a plus today (might be the only one I can find)! The doctor said both kids had allergies/sinus problems and put them on meds. Lee had a temp while we were there so I'm hoping that really is all that is going on with them. Lee also had a spot on her belly and leg that I wanted him to look at. People, my kid has ringworm!!!! I didn't even know that was a real thing. I panicked and of course asked was my house too dirty to which he responded, no it's just dumb luck that she got it. What does that even mean? Three prescriptions and two school excuses later we were out of there!

I felt bad because I hadn't fed the kids anything really other than junk food so I got them Happy Meals at McDonalds! I picked up their meds which cost me 20.00 because apparently topical ointment is way expensive or according to my insurance company it is. I also stopped by Family Dollar to get a LARGE box for a project. Well, I didn't want to stop because midway through all this running, I realized I had done the unthinkable. Yep, this girl right here is an idiot. I'm not even going to tell you what I done because uh, the whole world just don't even need to know that BUT let's just say I wasn't keen on going into a store. I did though and guess what, NO BIG BOX!!! Yea, story of my day I suppose

We came home because at this point I wanted to bury my head into the sand until tomorrow. I ate a cupcake instead. I mean how can you go wrong with a cupcake, right? This said cupcake might have been my Anika's that she was saving and I apologized several times tonight for it but honestly I don't regret it. It made my day just a bit better. Sorry kid!

I sat down for a few to calm my nerves and well I watched the whole California shootings at the same time. Probably not the best choice of news on a bad day. My heart breaks for this people. Our society truly has went off the deep end. Well I fell asleep on the chair sitting straight up. Don't worry, the kids were fine. They were all watching television and destroying my living room while I slept. They woke me NUMEROUS times throughout the 2 hours and I opened water bottles for them, changed tv channels and so forth. Frankly with all the disruptions, it's amazing I slept any. I truly was DEAD TIRED though.

I didn't get up until a little after 7 when Anika came bouncing in from the boyfriend's. I panicked when I saw the clock. Good gracious, I wasted a whole day. I made a quick trip to town and back because we had to have some pop and milk.

The kids looked like they hadn't been bathed in weeks so Anika did that while I tried to bring some order to this house. The laundry is piled up to no end and none of it got done again today. I would divorce me if I was my husband.

I did manage to work in our special box with the kids today. If you don't know what that is, it's a little red gift box I give them every evening. They open it and it contains everything needed to do something fun and Christmas related! They are truly enjoying it so much. Tonight we made wreaths!

Axle adding his bows!

Annalee's finished wreath

Axle's Finished wreath

Annalee gluing her bows on

He loves this stuff

Coloring her wreath

She loves to glue!!!

Since I'd been mom failure of the day, I was nice and gave them a special treat of apples and caramel this evening. Ugh, it was for me too. I was craving it!

Ax had a boatload of homework and we didn't get it ALL finished but most of it before bed. Him and Lee both went to sleep fairly quickly tonight. They must've been tired too. Even Anika went to sleep pretty fast.

I entered some sweepstakes a bit ago. I know, like I got time for all that but I do enjoy it.

Now I'm preparing for bed soon. I've got to pick our craft stuff up out of the floor, put a chicken in the crockpot and fill out my journal entries for the night though first. Shew, what a wasted day I've had.

Oh and Anika's cat OREO is about to find it a new home. Cleaning up cat poo (three big piles of it) was just another highlight to my day....For Real!!!

Since I totally flaked on the Elf last night (told you I suck), I gotta go do something cool with him tonight.

That my friends is my thoughts this early Thursday morning. Ridiculous I know. It's really NOT been that bad of a day if I look at the big picture but for now I'll just wallow in my misery and pretend like it has!

This is the realest blogging you can get from me folks!!!

Let's hope this girl has a better tomorrow :)



  1. I've had ring worm. It sucks but you get over it. I heard you get it from cats and sheep. I showed sheep... that's where I got it. Other than it is very contagious for a while, it's nothing so don't fret it. I know you saw the doctor, but I'm just saying.

  2. My son had ringworm too- we couldn't get rid of it with the ointment so he had to take an oral drug Grivolsulvin or something like that! You can get it from a pet or a neighbor's pet too! Are you still going cold turkey with the fast food come 1/1? I don't eat much of it but I can polish off ice cream in no time. I'm thinking about giving it up entirely unless I eat it out.